I Degree in Post Diploma in InformationI Degree in Post Diploma in Information

I am
writing to you to briefly introduce myself and demonstrate my capabilities and
achievements. I hold a Master’s Degree in Post Diploma in Information Technology
from College Of New Caledonia, Prince George, BC, Canada. Also, I have
experience in Web Application Development.


I worked as
Web Developer at Keen Softwares, where I participated in development of website
in which I assisted in Backend Development in JAVA Platform and Servlet,
created webpages in JSP, I designed database on SQL based on business
requirements, which I implemented into webpages using JDBC Connector and
Servlet, as well as participated in Frontend Development on user interface
using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, In addition implemented Manual Testing using
JUnit and developed test-cases, provided QA support to the application. All of
this helped me to gain in-depth practical knowledge in Core JAVA, JSP, Servlet,
MySQL, JUnit, JSP Tag Libraries (JSTL) and JDBC for connecting server, Wamp
Server and testing concepts.

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curriculum comprised courses related to Data Structure in Java, Assembly
Language, Cloud Computing, Compiler Design and Data Science, I applied my knowledge
to develop several projects. I developed project Budget App using HTML, CSS and
JavaScript, which allows user to manage income and expense through its flexible
user interface. Also as a part of graduate course, I have been part of projects
like Prediction of Premier league using K Nearest Neighbour algorithm on
Hadoop, also developed Web and Android application to find Great Circle
Distance (GCD) between two cities in Python using Web Service API with Google
App Engine (GAE) for deployment and Datastore and also developed a user
interface to take attendance on current time, date and to keep track of
attendance in PHP. I developed my skills in Manual Testing by TestNG,
test-cases design and execution, several testing method and Automation Testing by
Selenium Web Driver (Web Automation Tool) and Framework Implementation.


All of this
opportunities have enhanced my skill in identifying and solving problems and
communication skills. As positive and enthusiastic candidate with strong
technical skills, I would make positive and productive contribution to your
organization. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to
contact me.


Thank you
so much for your time and attention.