I envisage myself as a successful researchI envisage myself as a successful research

I present my desire to pursue higher study in Infection biology at Uppsala University. My excitement for infection Biology grew tremendously during my teenage when I saw that one of my relatives was died due to affected with Rabies virus. Due to my ongoing interest in infection biology in general since my school days, I got admitted to 5 years Bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine and received my undergraduate degree from the Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Bangladesh. I have completed Master of Science in Microbiology specializing in molecular basis of bacterial and viral diseases from same University in 2016. I have grown a keen interest in doing works as a researcher that may let me contribute in the biological and medical field in the future. This aspiration has prompted me to pursue higher studies in this field. What I truly believe is that every research activity should be directed to ensure sustainable development of mankind. Being a motivated microbiologist, it seems to me that I need more academic preparation beyond my graduate education to contribute to my society. As of my long-term goal, I envisage myself as a successful research professional in the Microbiological field by developing rapid and novel diagnostic methods for detection and characterization of antibiotics resistance of infectious pathogens in the animal, human and in/on foods. It is very important to gather deep knowledge on bacterial and viral pathogen along with other infectious diseases that affect animal health, food safety, and public health. I believe that my academic credentials are synchronous to the requirements of the MS position on your University. During my research period, I have developed strong leadership and organizing skills in managing team members from a diversified background. My persuasion to this particular Master program is to strengthen my theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills in the field of infection biology. What is especially important to me is that my experiences in doing scientific research at my home University have provided me opportunities to publish several articles in International Journals. I strongly believe that my prior knowledge and interest to expend my potential in the areas of infection biology as a researcher will make me the best fit for the department.