I first, Ulysses did not always thinkI first, Ulysses did not always think

I read the book The Adventures of Ulysses by Bernard Evslin.  I also read The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien.  I believe that Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit is more of a hero because Bilbo helped his friends along the journey through many harsh environments using his invisible ring.  In contrast to Ulysses, who lost many of his men and let his men fall for many traps.  The book supports my claims because on page 176 of The Hobbit, the King’s Butler says, “Now come with me and taste the new wine that has just come in.  I shall be hard at work clearing the cellars of empty wood, so let us have a first to help the labour.”  A few minutes later the chief guard nodded his head and went to sleep.  The King’s Butler did not notice and went on with his work.  Soon he nodded his head and went to sleep also.  On page 177, the author says, ” Then in crept the hobbit. Very soon the chief guard had no keys, but Bilbo was trotting as fast as he could towards the cells.”  Also, the author says, “First he unlocked Ballin’s door, then locked it again as soon as the dwarf was outside.”  Bilbo continues to rescue his friends until everyone is out of their cells.  Those quotes show how smart Bilbo is solving problems.      I believe in The Adventures of Ulysses, and in The Hobbit, both characters are considered heroes.  According to dictionary.com, a hero is, “A person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character.”      Ulysses changes more throughout the story.  I think this because at first, Ulysses did not always think straight and make the right decisions. For example on page 5, the author says, “Ulysses hear the fierce murmur of his men behind him and felt their greed burning in his veins.  He hailed the other ships and gave  orders, and the three black-hulled vessels swerved toward the shore and nosed into the harbor…”  A few minutes later the author states, “But while the looting and feasting was going on, the men of the city had withdrawn into the hills and called together the their kinsmen of the villages, the Ciconians, and prepared for battle.” Also, when Ulysses and his men were retreating to their ships, many of his men were killed, and they had to dump all their treasure.   That showed how when Ulysses agreed to attack the village, the consequence was getting attacked and losing all of their treasure that was stolen. Bilbo Baggins has the strongest strength. His strength is the ring.  The ring makes Bilbo invisible when he is wearing it.  On page 177, Bilbo was able to rescue his friends because he was wearing the ring.Ulysses has the weakest weakness.  His weakness is not making the right decision.  For example, on page 37 and 38, Ulysses was guarding a bag of wind very carefully, until he saw land and shut his eyes, and went to sleep.  His curios men slashed open the bag of winds with a knife and were blown back to where they started.      Ulysses learns that being stubborn has cost Ulysses all of his men dying that he brought along with him. Bilbo learned bravery, courage, sacrifice, and honorUlysses teaches us that every action has a consequence.  Bilbo teaches us that it is important to have friends, and money is not always important.  In conclusion, both Ulysses and Bilbo have their strengths and weaknesses.