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I believe words uphold a higher power as the written and spoken language has the ability to change and broaden minds. Henry Luce said “I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world.” with this in mind and my strong will and determination I am applying to study Multimedia Journalism. Through my fascination and deep interest in writing and reading, especially through the outlets of Newspapers and Tabloids, I am wanting to follow my ambition to become a Journalist through these sources and continue on with higher education. Through extensive research on Journalism and the modules which are involved with this subject I have discovered new materials which have taken my interest. Modules such as investigative journalism and Radio Production has made me want to develop my knowledge and understand the working behind these in order for me to expand on the knowledge I would require to work in these fields. I am particularly interested in an occupation in an environment which might allow me to combine both print or broadcast journalism.The knowledge I have gained through academic and practical experiences throughout my studies have enabled me to develop diverse skills which can be transferred and further developed during my time at university. Throughout my educational journey I have gained key skills through my A-level choices; English Combined, Media Studies, History, and Philosophy and Ethics. Each of these courses were permitted to have coursework and written exams, allowing me to develop my essay writing skills. Throughout these courses referencing, further reading, critical analyse, group presentations and time management all played a major role, techniques which I believe are important throughout my time at university. Especially through English Combined and History further reading and referencing portrayed a big role, due to my exams containing sources for you to compare and contrast from. As part of my Media Studies course, we looked into different types of media, both print, and broadcast, analysing the differences and understanding the roles within each more effectively. This further intrigued me into journalism and pushed me into my choice of studying it during university.¬†¬†After finishing A levels, I pursued other interests of mine before endeavouring in my passion for journalism. My other passion involved me returning to education to study Beauty Therapy for 2 years, gaining both a Level 2 and 3 qualification and a job in this sector. This has allowed me to develop my communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal and given me the confidence to perform treatments. This skill has also be developed from my other job which I have been in for over five years. By working two jobs it has allowed me to be more manageable with my time and work both as a team and individually. My part-time job in Primark is spent working on the Customer Service desk dealing with customer complains and inquires on a daily basis as well as managing the phone and tannoy systems and the cleanliness of one of the busiest retail stores in Telford.My hobbies outside of work involve volunteering at the local Hilbrae dog rescue center, helping walk them and donating goods as well as reviewing latest films and products on a blog of mine. By making a blog it has allowed me to develop my IT skills, making me more confident with computers which are essential for online journalism. Additionally, I have recently left a cheerleading association of which I was apart of for two years due to work commitments but still maintain a passion for it and keep a following of the team.I believe with my motivation and enthusiasm as well as my ability to handle pressure well and manage my time, I would enjoy and learn much from my time at university. With my strong will and determination to succeed I believe I could bring a lot to the industry and would relish the opportunity to study Multimedia Journalism at University.

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