I hospital, for a week, where II hospital, for a week, where I

I feel more than ready to be challenged academically by Newcastle
University and to learn from its excellent research environment. I look forward
to overcoming the challenges that this Master’s degree will offer.

During my free time I enjoy running as physical fitness is
important to me. I was a member of an athletics club for 5 years where I
regularly competed. This taught me how to deal with pressure. Also for a year I
volunteered at a hospice biweekly, which benefitted my independent working
skills and interpersonal skills and enabled me to mix with a variety of people of
different ages and backgrounds. It gave me an understanding of the demands of
working life and I learned how to effectively communicate with my colleagues
and the patients there to ensure that their needs were met.

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Over the years I have arranged work experience in many different
professions. I was fortunate enough to gain work experience at an SME in a
variety of its departments. These included finance, warehousing, product
design, website design and sales. For over a year I attended a pharmacy in a
medical centre weekly to gain knowledge of the pharmaceutical profession. I
have also partaken in a placement at a general hospital, for a week, where I gained
work experience in many different departments of the hospital, including
endoscopy, orthopaedics, anaesthetics and a few others. I have obtained insight
into many different careers, which has only strengthened my desire to study
accounting, finance and strategic investment. I am currently in the process of
trying to organise work experience shadowing an accountant.

During the second year of my degree, I undertook a problem-solving
module where my group and I were assigned a team-working project where we used
a computer programme called MATlab to produce data and graphs on a topic of our
choice. We achieved over eighty percent and our lecturer went on to use our
work as an example for the students of the following year.  This demonstrates my ability to work well
within a group and my ability to comprehend and analyse data given to me.  

I am continuously driven by the need to understand. To expand
my knowledge of different fields of finance and accounting I have read books on
the subject such as “Financial Shenanigans: How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks
and Fraud in Financial Reports” by Howard Mark Schilit and “The Alchemy of
Finance” by George Soros. I believe these gave me an insight into these topics.
For example, in “Financial Shenanigans: How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks and
Fraud in Financial Reports” I found it surprising how there are so many
different methods that companies use to show increased performance, such as shifting
a current expense to a later or earlier period. I was very interested by how Howard
Mark Schilit teaches us to detect fraud in financial statements which is why I
am looking forward to the introduction to financial reporting module of this

Currently I am an undergraduate studying a mathematics
degree. Studying mathematics has helped me develop a logical method of
thinking. Mathematics is challenging and consists mostly of problem solving,
proving that I have a very analytical mind. I find the idea of accountancy
appealing as I get a sense of satisfaction out of being able to manipulate
numbers and figures. I like the feeling of knowing that I have been able to
make the numbers work with each other to produce a solution which many people
find impossible to perceive.

Accounting and finance are essential as they have an enormous
effect on people’s daily lives. The principles of supply and demand occur
frequently for everyone purchasing goods and services, and in keeping or
finding a job. Changes in circumstances or government policies on any aspect of
a business creates a domino effect of price changes in many industries.

My motivation to study Accounting, Finance and Strategic
Investment at Newcastle University is earnest. I am very passionate about
Accounting and Finance and I believe this course is essential for my academic
and professional advancement as I aspire to become an accountant and work for
one of the big four accounting firms. This master’s programme would allow me to
expand my understanding of accountancy with Newcastle’s brilliant quality of
teaching while strengthening my analytical and writing skills. I believe that Newcastle
University is the best place for me to study as it’s business school is one of
the few institutions that holds triple accreditation by the three largest and
most influential business school accreditation associations. Another outstanding
trait of Newcastle University Business School is it’s networks with top
accountancy firms such a PwC. Also I am particularly looking forward to
studying this course as I am very interested in learning about the international
finance and Capital markets module.