I in industries but after I startedI in industries but after I started

I completed my co-op in Crest Circuit Inc., this company is high quality manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards. It is located in Markham, Ontario which is high tech capital of Canada. They provide a good quality product and competitive price to the customers. It has certificate of ISO 9001:2008. Crest Circuit Inc. is founded in 1978. It maintains their reputation by providing reliable and high-quality productI worked as an Electrical Technician in Maintenance as well as design department. My main responsibility was to fix the problems of electrical and mechanical equipment. I had good company supporting staff. In Design Department, I exposed and developed PCBs with Quality control workI always stand by for company whenever they need me in their Rush Job. They got many profits by the rush job which was done by me. I gave my best to the job. My supervisor always appreciated me for my good and hard work.I learned that how to make PCB such as single layer PCB and multilayer PCB. I also learned different kinds of processes like Electroless, Etching, Developing by using Artwork, Plating, and Testing. I worked as Electrical Technician, and I also gained  knowledge about Electronics as well as Mechanical systemsThe first thing is that I got a chance to work in an industrial environment which is related to my field area and so it was a good opportunity for me. I learned many industrial works and the technics. I also improved my teamwork skill. And I learned many more things from my co-workers which will be helpful in future.    This experience helped a lot to raise my confidence level. Before this, I had fear to work in industries but after I started working, I managed all things and I learned how to handle the situations in proper and calm way. Now, I can work in any types of industryFor the improvisation of the program, give the projects related to the industry. I would like to give the suggestion that, they should arrange the Educational tours at field related sites with Professors and Instructor. So, students can learn a lot that what is happening in the industries.