I is also a wonderful team playerI is also a wonderful team player

I am delighted to write a letter of
reference for Ms Shubha, an applicant to the Master’s program in at . I have known her since her
first year as an undergraduate at the Banasthali University, India. She is one
of the brightest students I have had the pleasure to teach. During her
undergraduate program in Biotechnology, she has been a student in my lectures
in . Considering our long term academic association,
I can undoubtedly make a fair and unbiased appraisal of her, both as a student
and as a person.


As a scholar, she has been one of
the finest under my tutelage, showing exceptional learning ability. In the
classroom, she was always inquisitive of the subject being taught and always
tried to explore its ambit. I believe that this attribute of hers stems from
her ability to question ideas and concepts, which many others take for granted
or overlook. She is driven by the impetus of deriving unquestionable pleasure
and satisfaction from the challenge of understanding complex topics, such as in
the field of genetic engineering and molecular biology by her own logic and
volition. Shubha often visited my office for further clarification of topics
discussed in class, which showed her perpetual interest and genuine effort in
truly understanding the subject. And this, I believe, is the reason for her
comprehensive knowledge of any subject she studied, which is also evident in
her academic records showcasing impressive numbers with the ability to
consistently deliver superior results.

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As an individual, Shubha has always
been a meticulous student, ready with flawless assignments and projects way
before the deadlines. She is also a wonderful team player and has always
promoted a passion for team-work amidst her peers, at times of challenges even
by lending genuine assistance towards her friends, which was evident in every
true sense during the laboratory sessions. She has excellent communication
skills, fuelled with her insightful and concise written reports. She presents
her work in an impeccable manner which is coupled with her ability to grip the audience
and to answer any questions raised.


Shubha is undoubtedly a perfect
match of diligence and conviction. Personally, I have always found her to be
polite, disciplined, responsible, and a respectable person. Her humble and
down-to-earth nature makes her a socially amiable being. I appreciate her
passionate and optimistic mindset, along with her self-motivation and the
desire and intellect to affect change.


I strongly support her choice to pursue
her career in academics, and I certainly believe that she is talented enough to
face the future scholastic endeavours. Considering all this, I have no hesitation
in strongly recommending her for admission into your graduate program, and if
possible even with an assistantship or fellowship. I wish her immense success
in all her future strives.


In case of further details, I am at
your disposal.


With kind regards,