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I envisage myself as a pioneer, an entrepreneur in the field of Mechatronics. I dream of playing an exciting role in a world where automated systems move out of a manufacturing plant to interact with human beings. All along, the participation in National science congress in 2009 changed my perception how I looked to the life. The competition took me to address the problem faced by drought-affected farmers India through “Micro-watering” project wherein I along with my science teacher developed a new Watering Technology for plantation crops for the region. This project honed my analytical and problem-solving skills at the very tender age of 13 years. My expectations and goals as a future college student were also evolved during the process. Now, I am old enough to understand the significance of my scientific adventure, it became my life’s ambition of problem-solving.

After Completing my high school, I wanted a stream that offered a varied option for my future and also utilized my favourite subjects; Mathematics and Physics. Naturally, I ended up with Mechanical Engineering. My passion for machines was further stoked during my undergraduate studies. Coursework and projects over the 4 years gave me a strong understanding of various fields of mechanical engineering. However, the subject that influenced me the most was perhaps Industrial Robotics. I felt this course had to be the perfect mixture of hardware and software. It had topics included in control systems, introduction to robotics focusing on both kinematics and computer vision.

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During my undergraduate years, I worked on several projects through lab courses and student-run organizations. A few of the projects included, a Wireless Remote-Controlled Robot, Automated Pesticide Sprayer etc. Through the projects, I learned how to work closely with the machine shop staff to develop requirements for the mechanical design of the hand, choose all of the hardware including the microcontroller, sensors, and actuators, implemented and debugged the code for the controller. This also gave me the opportunity to teach concepts I had been exploring and lessons learned to the junior members. I was then selected for a two-week industrial internship at “Dana Spicer India Ltd”. This gave me a practical experience of the theoretical knowledge, I gathered in my undergraduate course.

I feel along with the increasing digital interconnection in factories of the future, mechatronic systems will be one of the key techniques of development and it is after a great deal of self-evaluation. I realize that there are still gaps in my knowledge, which make me contemplate a graduate degree. This programme offers me a unique learning environment and a multidisciplinary education that will enable me to develop innovative and intelligent mechatronic solutions with the aim of meeting today’s most pressing global challenges. At KTH, my engineering ambitions will be appreciated in the thought-provoking, research-integrated environment. The demanding coursework and the substantial research opportunities at KTH will provide the challenge I need to achieve my goal of becoming an engineer with interdisciplinary skillset. While I expect to learn immensely a great deal during courses, In return, I believe the combination of my academic strength and creative personal characteristics will definitely contribute to KTH and help to add to the interdisciplinary atmosphere of the school. Also, the way people see life here varies from the West due to different social factors. I look forward to sharing my views and experiences to broaden the perspectives of the school.

After MSc, I would like to work in a company such as KUKA, ABB for some years as it would give me an understanding of the demand for mechatronic systems, and help me test my knowledge and ideas in the market dynamics of the corporate world. Then, I plan to start a company that specializes in making industrial robots at minimalistic cost. My aim is to enable people to lead a better quality of life, without the drudgery that characterizes everyday tasks.

I wish to be in a place, where I can learn, how to incubate an elegant idea, formulate it succinctly and passionately strive to reach the goal with scientific integrity.  I sincerely believe that with my smart hard work and dedication I will be able to live up to the high standards expected of a graduate student at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. I am sure I will fulfil your expectations and surpass them. I hope you will oblige and grant me a passageway to my dream by providing me with admission to your university in the course of Engineering Design (Mechatronics Track).