I organism may have to deal withI organism may have to deal with

I agree
with the Earth Wisdom Worldview as it offers the most compelling perspective of
the world. Again, the proposition of this worldview can be backed by existing
evidence and phenomena. The existence of nature is for the benefit of all of
us. This is better proven by the prevailing ecological balance. All species
depend on each other, and that is why it important to maintain the ecological
balance. A disruption of the balance poses a threat or disturbance to the
ecological cycle, and living organism may have to deal with detrimental
consequences. Further, the world is dealing with the unfortunate reality of
limited resources. A good example is the concerns about the shortage of water,
an event that has even pushed the apparel companies to devise ways of manufacturing
with little or zero water unlike it was the tradition.

perfect example is the case of Georgia where the country deals with water
shortage because of population growth but not climatic change.  Therefore, the need for efficiency and sustainability
cannot be overemphasized. It is no surprise that governments across the world
are placing measures to promote efficiency and sustainability. Different
industries are expected to toe the line of sustainability failure to which they
will face the full force of the law. Without regulation, global and
environmental sustainability will be threatened, and this endangers all species
because we need the earth to survive and thrive.

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