I our ideas to make a futuristicvehicleI our ideas to make a futuristicvehicle

I have been very passionate about automotive vehicles and aim to be part of a company to makea futuristic vehicle in the nearby future and believe this is a great opportunity to achievemy goals and dreams. To be able to build and design a vehicle with people who have the sameinterest and skills as me which will enable us to combine our ideas to make a futuristicvehicle like tesla this would be one of the most amazing, fulfilling experiences I couldimagine. Since a young age, I have developed an interest in engines and how they work. I havedevoted time to carry out research on anything to do with vehicles, such as: forums ,Journals and reading articles on the internet and other available resources. I would like to pursue adegree in Mechanical Engineering as this will help me develop skills I have learnt duringschool, college and work. Studying Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering has given me an in-depth view of all thedifferent aspects involved such as the mathematical side as well as the theoretical side. I amdetermined to carry on studying my dream passion and devoting all the time and effort I needto give me the best results in Mechanical Engineering. The college I study at has enabled tome develop my mechanical engineering skills, in my last assignment when using a lathe machinemy tolerance was 0.00 which is excellent I got full marks this has motivated me to work harderto pursue my chosen career to peruse in becoming a charted Engineer. I also use 3D printersregularly, which are used everyday activities in mechanical engineering. Through my durationat college so far, I have learnt how thread with an internal and external thread, how make adrill a clearance hole using a pillar drill also learnt on a lathe machine turning techniques,boring, knurling and also chamfering. Also on the theoretical side I have learnt how draw andunderstands 2d and 3d engineering drawings and also how to make them on CAD. I’m an energetic person and take pride in my extra-curricular activities. For example,go-karting which has helped me with my team work skills. Outside my education life I have manyhobbies and interests which include going out with friends, socialising, going to retro carshows also repairing old gaming consoles which has enabled me to learn how to solder. Having apart time job at Royal Mail Currently I hold a position as a team member where my roleconsists of me operating heavy handling goods which has helped me learn healthy and safetyprocedures in a busy dangerous fast paced working environment and also it has also helped medevelop my teamwork and communication skills and also build a strong bond. Also, I have donework experience Working at Garage the most Important value I have learned from the workexperience is that it has reinforced my eagerness with automotive vehicles which has given methe passion for me to learn more about engineering developments and give me insight into themanufacturing of real engineering systems. On the theoretical Side I learnt allot from how thesmallest part in a mechanical engine for instance ball bearings helps so much with balance andfriction. I also learnt how do an MOT on a vehicle and also how to service a vehicle. Which isanother skill I have now obtained as a result now I know how to keep Mechanical machinery to ahigh standard. Doing a degree in Mechanical Engineering would boost my confidence as I have a very goodbackground knowledge with regards to how machinery works. Furthermore, I would also like to betaught by the best in this field. Taking part in the Mechanical Engineering course I am awareof the responsibility that comes with this profession. I acknowledge the fact that aprofession of Mechanical Engineering is quite challenging. However, I’m ready to put in allthe time and effort that is crucial for me to carry out such an amazing role with pride.