I received an email from a fellowI received an email from a fellow

I finally did it!Three hours of selecting a word that can embody me for 2018. Couple days ago I received an email from a fellow blogger with the title:Do you have a word of the year? In the email, it justified what it was and why it is essential.I decipher it of course and took the initiative to choose my word of the year:Growth.Now to me, it indicates a lot from where I stand like putting in extra hard work and being mindful of the changes that surround the development progress.In her email she stated:”This word can help you frame your intentions, guide your actions and act as a lens for making decisions.I know it sounds silly, but I’ve been thinking about my 2018 word for months now. As someone who values simplicity, there’s something so alluring about having ONE word guide me during the year.But if you only get one word, and it has to last a whole year, you have to pick carefully, right?!”After reading her message I quickly started to research ways to choose a word of the year and landed on the website of the individual who claimed to have created this trend from their tool that went viral some time ago.After accomplishing all of that I came to the conclusion of my word selection.Why Growth?To me, I am always shy myself away from anything that promotes development to it……. in my personal preferences. Never being confident to go for what I crave and see it through the good and bad but instead, I would retreat.This year I told myself that I have the power to execute and expand on whatever the heart desire and see it through.So,2018 is my given opportunity to grasp and track what I anticipate is growth.During the first year in blogging, I have made so many poor choices when it comes to the website and I was unsure of my selections. I never put myself out there to get familiar with others and completely try. The other thing is I found myself always being preoccupied with distractions and wind up doing nothing.In writing that, I realize I needed some form of growth and a starting point to branch out. I have profound faith that my word Growth can promote me to transition to what, how and where I want to be within that year 2018. We all know that with growth comes difficult challenge and epic fails but the legitimate development to me is continuing from those falls. So tell me, have you chosen a word that can embody your year for 2018?