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I have chosen this course due to some reasons.To be independent since, after dental school, dentists have an opportunity to establish their businesses. It allows me to have a flexible working schedule. The profession will enable me to give care to members of the community who lack access to a dental facility and cannot afford the treatment. I want to earn a good salary. In 2014, according to a statistics by the American Dental Association the average net income for a general practitioner $183,340 and $344,740 for public dentists.I want to change the future of dental health by engaging in research and a professional role in dental education. As a researcher, I will apply advanced technological techniques to develop new solutions to oral health problems. The public respects dentists as they improve their lives’. I look at dentistry as an art. It uses artistic techniques in maintaining good oral health. The methods involve the use of false teeth to restore broken teeth and use of fillings to cover cavities.For anyone pursuing a career in dentistry, he or she can major in a science-related field to meet the coursework requirements for admittance to dental school.  Program of study focuses on classes the science related fields that include biology, organic chemistry, physics, calculus, physiology and human genetics.The dentists are required to acquire a bachelor’s degree on any science related field before admission to the dental school. On completion, they take the Dental Admissions Test to ensure one is prepared for dental school.  One is required to attend a dental school that has been accredited by the American Dental Association. The school program usually lasts for four years, and according to one’s specialization, he or she graduates as a Doctor of Dental Surgery or a Doctor of Dental Medicine.The first two years involve laboratory and a coursework that entails oral pathology, dental diagnosis determination, and the procedures of treatment. In their final years, they usually go to practice usually conducted in the clinics with the supervision of practicing dentists. The curriculum contains the combination of general education and major coursework.  To become a licensed practicing dentist, a student needs to pass the required state examination on completion of dental school.                                       Duties of a general dentist.To diagnose and treat oral health problems to improve people’s lives. They advise and instruct patients on ways to take care of their teeth and gums. They also give advice to each patient about cavities, impact of diet, how to floss, the importance of fluoride toothpaste, and other causes of poor dental care. The dental duties include,Removing tooth decay, filling holes in broken teeth and remove teeth.Replacing removed teeth with permanent or temporary fixtures. Examples of permanent fixtures used is crowns and bridges while dentures is an example of a removable.Straightening teeth to correct bite issues by use of bracesDiscoloring teeth using whitening agentsGive prescription medicine such as antibioticAdminister and examine of the mouth through x- rays of teeth, the gums and other problematic areas. Use of surgical procedures such as repairing a removing a teeth. Referring patients to specialists when required.Responsibilities in their private practice usually include: Provision of health equipment that include x-ray machines, the drills, mirrors, probes, forceps, to collect sample saliva in the mouth, brushes, and sterilized scalpels. Incorporation of new technologies in use of scanners and laser machinesOverseeing administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, and flow of supplies. They supervise their team members.                     Opportunities for career advancementFurthering education. The dentist can take another bachelor’s degree for eighteen or two years that focuses on dental hygiene, education, research, administration and public health. After this level, the dentist can take a master’s degree for two years. At this level, he or she can become a university professor.  The professor will share knowledge, experiences and guide oral health students in research.                                             Salary rangeSalary ranges between ? $68400?$187200.this statistics shows that the lowest salary range is below $68400 and the highest salary range is more than $187200.The dentists median annual salary range is $158,310. Median wage refers to the salaries that half of the workers in job category earn more than the amount of salaries the workers half earned less. Private dental Service organizations self-employed dentists usually make a yearly salary between $137,000 and $221,000.Several factors influencing this includes dentistry salaries, are the location especially the country , amount of hours spent working, any specialty practiced and the number of years of experience. In my opinion the salary range is quite impressive and its one of the motivating factors of pursuing this course.                                    Personal characteristicsExcellent problem-solving and communication skills. Sometimes the dentist needs to think widely in determining the best treatment approach for the patient. Dentists educate patients in a clear, understandable way.Good dentists should be comfortable with associating with their patients. They should engage patients even when their problem is a lousy breath.   Trustworthy: Dentists should be dependable as they work with sharp objects in the mouth whose mishandling could cause great pain to the patient. They should engage the patients to create a trustworthy relationship.A detail-oriented person: The mouth and its connection with other parts of the body should fascinate the dentist. They should have detailed information about oral problems as the smallest misalignment of something in the mouth can result in more damage. Artistic: Dentistry is an art. The dentist should master the art of perfecting aesthetic procedures. Having great movement skills and use of tools accurately enables the dentist to treat the mouth depending on the level of damage. A large part of it consists of restoring teeth thus promoting customer confidence in their smiles. A leader: A dentist should supervise his employees such as the receptionist, hygienists, and promote teamwork among all the employees. He or she should make sound decisions concerning the practice.They should be happy. Dentists should enjoy what they do to be successful. They should look at a challenge as a new growth opportunity.Since being a general dentist entails service delivery it is Important for dentists to have a positive and vibrant personality.                                              Advantages and Disadvantages     AdvantagesA dentist receives a substantial revenue of more than $65,000 per year based on the services supplied to patients.  In some instances, the amount may boost to $140,000 between five to ten years of first practice. In cases of dental specialization, the revenue increases too $180,000 per yearA dentist can perform a private method that gives him or her a flexible work schedule. A dentist also can opt for the medical advantages of selection before carrying them for their personnel. Dentistry is highly respected due to dedication to serving people.The dentist has good job prospects. Increased demand for dental care as the population grows.The advantage is that the dentist extends services to the community by giving care to people who lack access to a dental facility and cannot afford the treatment.Disadvantages of becoming a dentist:The downside of becoming a dentist is one is required to respond to dental emergency calls from their patients. Some of the problems the patients experience may not occur during the scheduled working hours. These will mean that the dentist has to attend to the patient outside his working hours.Exposure to pain and risks. Many dentists frequently demand usually bend when carrying out this for years. Dentists risk suffering losses because of undue payments for their dental work, and the patients blame their dentists when their insurance does not cover them. Dentists contact with a patient’s blood can at times result in a disease.In conclusion being a general dentist play a significant role in providing services to the community. It is a highly important field that has a good salary. I feel this course fits me since am fascinated about how our mouth works and finding ways to deal with problems that arise. There is a growing population of people who need dental work and as a result, there will be demand for complicated oral health increases as people are determined to keep their teeth