I the concentration camps because I realizedI the concentration camps because I realized

I choose my topic, the Twin Experiments of the Holocaust, because I am interested in World War Two but more specifically, the Holocaust. So this year I decided to focus on the concentration camps because I realized I did not know much about them. As I was researching, I came across some information about how Doctor Josef Mengele experimented on some twins in a concentration camp called Auschwitz. At first I was going to do Mccollum v.s. the Board of Education, but it did not interest me as much as what I am presenting to you today. When I first started researching my topic, I started to search online for websites, but none of them seemed reliable. Then I stumbled upon a documentary titled: Science and the Swastika: The Deadly Experiment, which has really helped me with my facts and some pictures I have used in my website. Once I was done with the documentary, I turned back to websites and found most of the rest of my facts there. I also went to my school library and searched, but didn’t find anything with the information I wanted or needed. I chose to do a website for my project because I liked the idea of having the media I found while researching my topic, mainly snippets from the documentary. Reasons why I did not choose to do other things is, I am not good at speaking words or performing, so I would have disliked doing a performance. I also wanted to try something new so that means I would not want to do a board because I have done a board every year that I was in middle school in science. Because I wanted to use some snippets from the documentary from youtube in my website I could have chosen to do a documentary, but I stutter and mis-speak a lot, so I didn’t think that I could do that. So, I decided to do the website. Then after all the research I did, I pulled together my rough drafts and I put together my website. The theme this year is Conflict and Compromise so my topic fits the theme. The conflict of the Twin Experiments was, the doctors of Auschwitz wanted to experiment on people to get medical information, but the twins they were experimenting on did not want to be experimented on. The compromise happened when the concentration camps were liberated, the twins were set free and they never again had to face the horrors of the concentration camp, Auschwitz.