I they feel safe to explore andI they feel safe to explore and

I believe that children learn
best in an atmosphere that produces as little anxiety and conflict as possible
because each child has the ability to bring something unique and special into
this world. As a young girl, I was motivated to learn when I had opportunities
to make choices in the interesting and exciting environments my teachers
provided me. I was curious from the start and yearned to learn from my surroundings
and those around me. Likewise, when children are encouraged to interact with
their peers and adults in positive ways, they feel safe to explore and it is my
desire to be that for my students as it was for me with my teachers.

My greatest responsibility as
a teacher will be to relate to my students. Throughout my past and present
experiences of working with children, it has been important for me to seek to
form close relationships with each child under my care, as well as their
families. I will see my students as unique individuals with great capacities to
learn and therefore I strive to make positive contributions for those around
him or her. I will support my students in developing their potential by appreciating
all that encompasses who they are. As a resident of Canada, a country that
prides itself of being a cultural mosaic, I understand the importance of
recognizing, acknowledging and embracing different ethnics, religions, social
backgrounds etc. Therefore I strive to provide an environment where my classroom
of diverse students and their families will feel respected and accepted. My
students will have a sense of ownership, feel safe to explore, and feel free to
express themselves in my classroom.

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My blended teaching styles
will seek to guide my students from needing assistance with a task to
accomplishing a task independently by providing experiences that are
challenging yet attainable for every one of them to reach. My students will be determined,
take charge of their own learning and feel free to make experiences and
mistakes whilst engaging in short and long term goals. As a teacher, I will
guide my students by giving and/or sharpening the tools with which to produce their
individual gardens of knowledge, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and
socially. I will present curriculum that involves the interests of the student
and makes learning relevant to everyday life.

 Overtime I have come to believe that a teacher
should strive to model respect, patience, and care for the students they come
in contact, inside and outside of the classroom. My classroom will be a caring, safe,
and an unbiased environment where each child can prosper. My
students will know what to expect because I will have clear expectations for
what is acceptable and unacceptable. Ultimately, my goal as a
teacher is to provide students with the necessities for them to be successful
beyond a school environment; to support them as they learn about their strengths
and work on their weaknesses. But above all, I hope that as I open the eyes of
my students, they will help me further open my own. For as a teacher my duty
requires me to never stop learning. I hope to let my student’s learning
experiences remind me of how to open my mind and my heart to the pleasures, the
innocence, and the diversity of ideas in the world.