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I support the Haitian Revolution because the Haitian people had all the right to start a revolution because the French had made most of their people into slaves. In 1789 there were more than 50,000 slaves however some manage to escape to areas that they would be able to survive. There was so many slaves capture that it ended up outnumbering the colonial officials which led to the slaves to riot and fight for their freedom. However slavery had a big impact on Haiti by many of the slaves were dying this led to bringing in more slaves from Africa. This helped the Haitian people because it helped them stop believing in a religion that they were forced to believe in which was Christianity and go back to there original religion known as Voodoo.                                 In August 21,1791 a group of slaves gather to fight against the French. This group was led by a former slave Toussaint I’Overture. By 1792 This group had taken so much land and freed so many slaves they were in control by a third of the island. As a result of the success of Toussaints group France was sending many soldiers but still had no advantage. Toussaints army was so dominant that in 1793 the British arrived to the colony to take over but it backfired by having the Toussaint army defeat the British multiple times. The British fell back in 1798 because of the amount of times the Toussaint army had defeated them. Toussaints was successful by 1801 by capturing the Spanish Colony of Santa Domingo which in modern day is now known as Dominican Republic and this led to freeing the slaves and ending slavery. After capturing the Spanish colony Toussaint made himself Governor General for life.               Napoleon Bonaparte sent about 40,000 soldiers to stop the revolution and capture Toussaint I’Overture. Napoleon was successful Toussaint I’Overture was captured and placed in prison which in 1803 he died in prison. Toussaint I’Overture had great success leading his army he took over and led them to victory against the French. Saint Dominigue was independent on January 1,1804 and was renamed Haiti. Haiti became the first Black Republic in the world and the First Nation to recognize it was France.                  In conclusion Haiti made history by having the most largest slave revolution in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti was the wealthiest French colony producing sugar, coffee , indigo , and cotton in the 18th century. Haiti also had the most successful slave revolution it had lasted from 1791-1804.