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If you ask anyone if they have read the classic story, Alice in Wonderland, the answer is yes. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is a story that almost everyone knows, but does the normal everyday person know the true story and inspiration that Lewis Carroll had to write his most famous work?  The critically acclaimed author was actually not the person that one would think he was, he actually based his story on a little girl named Alice whom he had a fascination with.
Lewis Carroll was born as Charles Dodgson on January 27, 1832 in Daresbury, England. His family was mainly northern English, with a sprinkle here and there of some Irish roots. He had a normal education, but he was home schooled; he had a high literacy rate, at the age of seven he was reading books like The Pilgrim’s Progress.  
Alice in Wonderland is based off of a little girl named Alice Lidell.  During her childhood years she was a friend and photography subject of Lewis Carroll.  She was the fourth of the ten children that Henry and Lorina Lidell. Alice and Dodgson met in 1855, and that is where the story begins. He boarded a boat with a few more people in a small group to sail to a nearby town. The people in the group mainly consisted of Dodgson, his friend the Reverend Robinson Duckworth, and the three younger sisters of his dear friend Henry Lidell; at the time Alice was 10 years old. Since he was on the boat, he was put uncharge of entertaining the little girls, Dodgson was a talented story teller so he told them a story he liked a lot which was about a whimsical world filled with a plethora of interesting characters; and during the telling of the story he decided to name the protagonist of the story Alice.  When little Alice found out that the main character shared a name with her, she asked Dodgson to write the story down for her to keep. When he finished, he sent the completed manuscript to Alice with the title Alice’s Adventures Underground.  But in the process of him sending the manuscript to Alice, it also made its way into the hands of George MacDonald, which was a huge idol of Dodgson. When MacDonald got the manuscript he read it to his children whom inevitably loved the story

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