If right tests, certain procedures would beIf right tests, certain procedures would be

If we heard about it, we would be scared, and if we knew anyone started struggling with it, we would be shocked, its victims are in increasing numbers. We do not clearly know its real causes, sources or even how to effectively overcome it. It is Cancer! One of the most painful experience for patients, and one of the most expensive diseases in its treatment and scientific research.Poor health care, low level of medical awareness, lack of opportunities and places of treatment, limited medical research are reasons to make Cancer a disease difficult to confront and rapid to spread in many developing countries such as Egypt and other countries of the Arab world.Around the world, a lot of money is spent in discovering new and effective ways to overcome this disease and to raise the cure rates. But what if there were methods tell us how long the cancer will develop even years before it is formed? So, would not it be more easier and safer to just take precautionary ways and commitment to certain lifestyle factors that reduce the chances of its occurrence?! Of course, it would be, simply because as it is always said “prevention is better than cure”! Many growing researches have already begun to direct their work towards this approach and from the point they reached, my research project will start.Thought of using my passion for biotechnology to improve the life of others in a research environment, the challenges involved in the application of scientific theory to practical real-world problems, and the opportunity to contribute to society through biotechnological innovations, are what motivates me to choose my project to be a research project in general and my topic to be in this field of study in particular.The idea behind this research will be centered around the crucial relationship between telomeres (terminal regions of nucleotide sequences of our chromosomes responsible mainly for genomic stability), telomerase (an enzyme responsible for maintenance of the length of telomeres) and cancer (abnormal gene changes cause cells to multiply in an uncontrolled way). The core idea is to figure out the way telomeres change and grow which may lead us to a predictive biomarker for cancer and with the right tests, certain procedures would be discovered and used to eventually predicts whether anyone will go on to develop the disease or not by diagnosing a wide variety of cancers.Consequently, the project will be focused on finding a consistent functional technique to understand this manner of telomere length changes, once we could successfully detect it, it may be able to predict signs of cancer before it ever has a chance to multiply with no control. Such project created to develop a technique could give us a hint to the turning point in the war against Cancer, will require a well organized staff composed of excellent researchers and professors, therefore, I’ll need the supervision of my academic professors such as Dr. Shaban Abd El-Aziz, Dr. Ahmed Hetta and Dr. Magda Mehanni.