If Sizes and varieties are limitless: classic,If Sizes and varieties are limitless: classic,

If you’re interested in fashion and keep your eyes open during fashion
weeks, you know that accessories can sometimes be even more important than
clothes. Even the most extravagant dress will look plain without any
accessories to complement it. So, here is a small guide to the trendy
adornments girls at https://bridesbay.com like and

Fur scarves

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While for most people a scarf is an accessory that protects them from
the wind, designers have a more creative approach to it. They come up not only
with the new ways of tying and wearing the scarfs but also with the variety of
fabrics and textures. In this season, knitted scarves are substituted with fur
scarves that look more impressive and keep the warmth better. These scarves can
be of various sizes and colors: small, massive, pastel, bright, color blocking,
made of pieces of colorful fur. You can wear it around your neck or use it as a
head-dress. However, you should keep in mind that fur scarves don’t go with
voluminous silhouettes.


Gucci, Moschino, and many other fashion houses have turned a bright
printed headscarf into a fashion trend. The trendiest way of wearing the
headscarf is to knot it under the chin. If it’s too provincial for you, then
wear it with your head-dress. Inspired by “babushka” style, Balenciaga offers
to wear these scarves with quilted jackets.


These accessories are very cute and they make girls look like dolls. The
contour of the face becomes more definite, hair becomes visually thicker, and
the properly chosen color of the band beautifully sets off your eyes or dress.
Chanel and D are big fans of headbands. This year, Trussardi, Elie Saab,
and Altuzarra also included headbands into their collections. Fur and knitted
bands will add aristocratic charm to your look, while headbands adorned with
pearls and flowers will remind you of summer even on cool autumn days.


It’s not a new trend, but you must have noticed that trends have the
tendency to return. This is what’s happening to turbans thanks to Marc Jacobs,
whose latest collection features this accessory. They can be worn together with
dresses, as well as the casual outfit.

gloves and fur mittens

The right length of gloves this season is elbow length and even longer. Leather
and suede, are the most popular materials but knitted gloves are trendy too.
Sizes and varieties are limitless: classic, open-finger, mitten-like, etc. They
can be worn not only with the outerwear. On the catwalks, you could see them
combine with dresses, blouses, costumes, watches, and large accessories. For
example, elbow-length gloves are beautifully combined with a massive bracelet
over them. Another trend is fur mittens that can be worn with strict blazers
and classic coats.

Sunglasses of
all shapes

Among the trendy shapes are aviator, narrow, cat eye, round, and
oversize models of sunglasses.  Along
with classic dark lenses, glasses with colorful lenses are in fashion now. The
color of the lenses can be the same or different from the color of the frame.
Glasses with transparent lenses, the so-called geek chic, are still popular. If
you choose this kind of glasses, you should remember that your eyes will draw
attention, so makeup is a must.

bracelets and rings

Maximalism has been in the mainstream for a while. Simple shapes and big
size – these are the characteristics of trendy bracelets. The material doesn’t
matter. The important point – your bracelet should be large and noticeable.
Rings also should be massive and worn not individually nut all at the same