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“If the bible is true than I christ.” (azquotes.com). David koresh’s was something nobody should go through and his thoughts were not right ,because he never had anyone there to teach him right from, but somewhere along the he truly believed that he became the only. David Koresh convinced over 85 people that he was Jesus Christ the son of god sent down to earth to unlock the seven seals spoke about in the book of revelations. To few David Koresh was a hero a leader and a savior but to many he was nuisance to society a criminal and a psychopath. David koresh born Vernon howell on August 17, 1959 in Houston, Texas was said to be born to be a misfit. His mother was only fifteen years old when she had him and his father had ran off so he never knew him, in January of 2009 David’s mother was stabbed to death by her own sister, in result to this he was raised by his grandparents. As a young child david failed both the first and second grade after he made it too his senior year of highschool david dropped out claiming it was because the bullying he got from fellow classmates. After dropping out he took a job as a carpenter in his early 20’s he also spent a short time in los angeles trying to pursue his dream as a rockstar, which came to an end very quickly “(biography.com).” In late 1981 after davids plan to become a rockstar became failed he moved to Waco, Texas where he then became a member of the Branch Davidians, A religious sect. Which in 1935 had settled ten miles outside of waco, and at one point had more than 1,400 members “(vanityfair.com)”. During his stay at waco david began to have an affair with Lois roden the mother of George Roden who at the time was the leader of the branch of davidians. When George found out about this affair he kicked both his mother and david out of the church this is when david and Lois then went to israel. In late 1987 David Koresh returned to waco after spending some time in Israel. He returned to mount caramel, where the branch of davidians were located, He returned in camouflage with seven male followers armed with five .223 caliber semiautomatic assault rifles four other guns and over 400 rounds of ammunition. The gunfight ended in the death of George roden head of the branch davidians “(rollingstone.com)”. As head of the branch davidians David koresh began to tell them that he was the son of God and they believed and followed him wholeheartedly even going as far as giving up their lives and living in the compound. David manipulated these followers of his to divorce their wives and the reason being is because he claimed he was the only one worthy of having sexual relations with anyone inside of the compound And in order to make it to heaven all women ahd to have relations with him, “David had sexual relations with girls as young as ten years old” says Janet Reno(Reavis, 29). While inside the compound where over  75 followers stayed david began to order guns “preparing for the finale battle” he claimed he would also make young children fight each other and if they would not fight hard enough he would hit them with a wooden paddle known as “The Helper” to the children. Larry Gilbreath the UPS driver that unknowingly delivered guns and grenades to david koresh,It wasn’t until February 1992 when a box of hand grenades accidentally opened prior to delivery that he first alerted authorities (DailyMail.co.uk). On February 28, 1993 is when the ATF planned to arrest david and get the illegal military weapons. As the news crew got ready to record the raid one of the cameramen got lost trying to find the compound as he walked along the road he was stopped by mailman who was secretly part of the branch davidians the cameraman then asked him if “he had seen a group of police preparing for a raid”. That is when the mailman rushed back to compound and told david what the ATF were gonna do this is what started the 51- day standoff between the branch davidians and the ATf and FBI.Day one of the shootout left six of koresh’s followers dead and four ATF agents as well. This is when the government called in the FBI to take over the investigation. The FBI slipped listening bugs into the gallons of milk that were delivered into the compound so they could hear what david koresh and his followers were planning. A back and forth conversation consisting of david sending out some of his followers so he could “live through them”of trying to convince david he was not the messiah and him saying he was went on for roughly 51 days and ended on April 19, 1993. On this day david koresh and 76 of his followers burned themselves alive including 21 children that all belong to david koresh. The FBI confirmed with infrared camera surveillance that the fire was indeed set from three different places inside the compound but david koresh did not burn like the rest of his followers david shot himself in the head before the fire reached him. As for the followers he let live the police had to convict somebody of these so they picked seven of the men david released and sentenced them to a federal prison. As for the children who were released they have since lead a normal life away from waco, texas. Even though many of the children have not went public about their life with david koresh inside the compound some have. David koresh’s funeral was held in tyler, texas and was a very quiet and private affair.(article.latimes.com). “This is only one phase of david” says a friend at the funeral “my heart will never rest because I don’t even know if that is david in there who really knows” clams another friend (deseretnews.com) As some think the loss of david koresh was a tragedy many believe it to be a blessing