I’m an engineer at heart. I loveI’m an engineer at heart. I love


I’m an engineer at heart. I love understanding the complexity of processes and the hidden improvement potential. Industrial Engineering and the underlying science fascinate me and have stayed with me all along my academic and professional life. I strongly believe the vast benefits that the Industrial Engineering and Applied Sciences have to offer are yet to be tapped.


As part of my job with India’s major e-commerce logistics giant, I have had the opportunity to look closely at the industry processes, transportation networks, and more importantly, the common problems affecting this area. Despite significant strides in the logistics sector in India, it still lacks organization. The complex topography, design, and infrastructure make it complex, yet solvable, but only with the right research and development in place. My work, academia, and interests so far have been motivated by this underlying belief that things can be better via optimization of processes and networks. Graduate study is an important next step.

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I have been a bright student since junior school. Securing my admission at NIT Jalandhar, I balanced community activities and sports while keeping up my academic grades. However, as the curriculum progressed, I redoubled my academic efforts and achieved a major GPA of 8.79/10.


No amount of theoretical knowledge is a substitute for practical experience, realizing this I inculcated an interest in myself and volunteered for industrial training after my sophomore year, and completed a Six-Sigma project to improve overall equipment effectiveness of welding section at Jindal Saw. Ltd. Key responsibilities included factor identification affecting availability, performance, and quality of the welding machines. The project enhanced my understanding of welding and forming techniques, helical pipe manufacturing, and concepts of JIT & computer-aided manufacturing.


However, it was my third-year internship at Trident Ltd., which proved most eye-opening. Here, I completed a Kobetsu Kaizen project implementing Jishu Hozen Step-4 at all four trident terry towel plants. I worked on quality control tools, Toyota production system concepts and autonomous maintenance. I was immensely inspired by Japanese techniques of increasing plant productivity. The experience of working with Six Sigma Master Black Belts and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) consultants inspired a real fascination with Six Sigma, Experimental Design, and Statistical Quality Control. This fascination drove me towards completing certification courses on Six Sigma.


In my senior year, I worked under Dr. L.P. Singh, Professor of Industrial and Production Engineering and completed my thesis project, “Factor analysis of vibration exposure to auto-rickshaw drivers” with the highest possible grade. Completing this research gave me a strong foundation in the fundamentals of regression analysis (MLR). The research purpose was to identify the factors responsible for the vibration exposure of auto-rickshaw drivers and to establish a relationship between the identified factors and vibration exposure value.

My stint at Delhivery Pvt. Ltd. exposed me to endless possibilities. I worked on something as simple as Parcel Delivery to something as complex as Drone testing for Payload Delivery (in association with IIT Kanpur). This place taught me to apply myself and made learning fun. To briefly summarize, I’ve worked on:

a.                   Algorithmic approaches for:

         i.            Parcel Sorting Facilities

       ii.            Dynamic Vehicle Routing approaches for optimized delivery schedules

     iii.            Network Modeling for efficient line-haul transportation

b.                  Data gathering and Experimental Design approaches for

     i.        Quality testing of dimensioning and weighing systems

    ii.        Feasibility of Gunny bags and Roll Cages

All these were application intensive and I was there on the ground to enforce them myself. Also, the algorithmic approaches involved Travelling Salesman, Clustering, and further heuristic variations which made the learning that much more practical and exciting. My execution and planning in these projects fetched me the prestigious Kaizen award.


All my academic, professional and practical experience so far has led to a keen interest in Applied Statistics, Optimization Models, Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics, and Six Sigma Methodology. New York University is my first choice for Graduate School considering their Department of Industrial Engineering has a pool of professors specialized in these fields, and I’m confident their guidance would bring the best out of me. In particular, I would love to work with Professor Susan Hunter, Professor Andrew Liu, or Professor Harsha Honappa. I have followed their research on queuing systems and game theory and have referred to their work in my projects. I would be honored to work with such accomplished professors.


I sincerely believe I have the bent of mind and the skill set to make the best of my opportunity, if and when presented to me to pursue the New York University Graduate Program, and I will strive to make the NYU community proud.