I’m based upon how our choices makeI’m based upon how our choices make

I’m back! 
Where did the month of January go?

First of all, let me begin by thanking those
of you who were kind enough to take the time to put your thoughts together and
send me an email.  Yes, I totally agree
that the two main commandments of loving God with all our heart, mind and soul
and loving our neighbour as ourselves are the basic for anyone following
Christ, and yes “they are very much in conflict in our society

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I agree with other church leaders that what
we are experiencing in most of our churches today, can be summed up in a couple
of thoughts.  First of all, we’ve moved
from the “age of duty”, when we did things because we knew that’s
what was expected of us, to the “age of discretion” where we are
overwhelmed with choices about how to spend our time.  We exercise discretion based upon how our
choices make sense to us and how they help us get the most out of our
lives.  In one sentence, attending church
isn’t a cultural given anymore as there are many more options for one’s Sunday
mornings.  Secondly, I’m convinced that
many possible church-goers haven’t found the “Christian Narrative” as
a “lens” through which to view and make sense of their
lives.”  As one reader commented,
“maybe they have a hard time connecting what happens on Sunday morning to
the rest of their week and life.”

Those of us longer in the tooth, as far as
church attendance goes, wrongfully assumed that since faith mattered to us,
that it would also be just as important to other generations.  Whatever the reasons, people don’t take the
biblical story with them into the world and often find other stories that guide
their everyday lives.  Doesn’t it make
you wonder if God is skillfully shaping and wisely guiding our lives or have
“we allowed present culture to reduce belief and faith to the lowest
common denominator.”

To follow Jesus today, we have to have an
understanding of what we are called to do. 
First and foremost, it’s being sensitive to the needs of those who are
part of our global human family.  It’s
also imperative that not only do we walk the talk, but we also talk the talk
and that takes dedication and commitment on all of our parts in order for
others to see that there is something to this God thing. 

By the time my column appears again, we will
be well into Lent.  Please join me in
spending 40 days examining our lies for truth and authenticity.  Until next time…your
thoughts…[email protected]

p.s. if you’re interested, there’s a
relatively new book that has been published called “Leaving Christianity –
Changing Allegiances in Canada since 1945” by Stuart Macdonald and Brian