I’m to come true only my power.I’m to come true only my power.

  I’m going to write about Lance Armstrong’s
doping. He was professional road racer.


He is the
most famous racer, because he won many races. Especially, he won Tour de

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France 7
times. Tour de France is the biggest race of all of the world. But,


he is also famous for using doping.


  As soon as he became a professional road
racer, he was diagnosed as cancer. His


was quite serious. So, he received treatment for a year, and he won cancer.


After 3
years, he won Tour de France for the first time. From this year, he kept


Tour de
France for 7 years. But, that record wasn’t get only his power. He uses doping.


EPO, transfusion. They raise the red cell count, and improve resilience and


In other words, he wasn’t win the race with his own power. Eventually it


was known
that using doping, he was deprived of the results of all the races.


  The doping action was not only him but also
entire team. Lance confessed that he


doping. That disappoints a lot of people, and he became liar from a hero.


addition, he not only lost a lot of sponsors but also sued from the US


amount is $100 million! This is too expensive. But this news impacts around


and help reduce doping actions. In other words, his doping news opens the


door to a
new era.


  From these things, I learned the cheating
such as a doping has no meaning.


end of the doping, bad things come back. So, I don’t want to use doping,


and whenever,
wherever, whatever, I should challenge only by my own power. I think


that way
is the most important way to do everything. My dream is winning in the road

Nakashima 2


race. So
I practice a lot time and, want to come true only my power.