I’m you and creating your employment portfolio.I’m you and creating your employment portfolio.

I’m going to be talking about the things I have learned over the second six weeks and how it willhelp with my career.The things I will be talking about are how a resume, an employment portfolio andcharacter reference letter will help me with finding a job in my chosen career.The first topic I will be talking about is a resume and how it will help me get a job in my career ofchoice.What is a Resume? A resume is a written document That shows what your education level,with isvery important for the employers to know because that will show what you are cut out for in the future.Another thing that a resume shows is what experience you have what jobs you have had what skills youhave gained over time like for me I have gained a music skill with playing guitar and otherinstruments.There are also auther skills that you could put on your resume like Microsoft Office andG-Suite you could put a food handler’s permit and other skills that you have. The resume alsoshows if you volunteer in the community that also so helps you get a job it shows that you don’tjust go to school and learn how to the job but that you also help out your community.The next thing i’m going to be talking about is an employment portfolio.What is anemployment portfolio?An employment portfolio is everything that makes up what the employerslook at.It consists of The resume, the character recommendation letter,and references.The last topic I will talk about is the character reference letter. The reference letter is aletter that describes what work habits and what your worth is, it’s usually a letter written bysomeone that knows what work habits and knows your personality.The letter will be sent by yourdesignated person to you and you will have to keep a copy so if anything happens you will havea backup.It is always good to have more than one character reference letter from different peopleso that they can get a good Idea and who you are and your work ethic.The topics I talked about in this summary of what I learned in the second six weeks wereresume, an employment portfolio and character reference letter. I described on how thae are used and howthey work.I hope this was helpful to you and creating your employment portfolio.