Imagine true? What if I focused onImagine true? What if I focused on

Imagine losing your
job and becoming homeless. What would you do?

Inversion is a
technique you can use to figure out solutions to difficult problems. Think of
worst possible things (the problem) and envision your road to solution by
coming back to current reality. The goal is to think of negative things in
advance and invert the path to a solution using inversion approach.

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This is similar to
imagining the worst case scenario in advance and think of solutions before it
actually happens. This enables us to make better plans for future in mind and
to prevent them from happening. Instead of focusing on success, focus on failures
too and think of prevention of those failures.


Thinking of
worst-case scenarios also make you mentally strong. You would not be surprised
by a sudden turn of unfavorable events. And if something inevitable happens,
you would have a plan to execute well in advance for those times.


This is very helpful
for program developers who think of attacks from hackers and make their code
more secure.


This way of thinking
in which you consider the possibility of results that you don’t want is called
the inversion. It is a powerful thinking tool because it focuses on potential
errors and roadblocks that you may overlook at first glance. Instead of asking
how to do something, you might ask how to not do it. What if the opposite was
true? What if I focused on a different side of this situation?


This approach
enables you to think backward. You think in two directions considering the best
and worst case scenarios. Avoiding failure matters more than getting success.


What do you want to
avoid? How can we make this worse? Asking these questions will lead you to
potential failures and mistakes. You can learn from identifying what doesn’t
work just as much by identifying what does work. It tells you what you should
avoid doing and hence fewer mistakes. People who might want to increase their
productivity may ask questions like, “what if I wanted to decrease my
productivity?” and “How can I be distracted from this task?” And
you get the answer to these questions and can eliminate them for improvement.


Inversion is an
essential skill for making logical and important decisions.