Impressive pride, an eminent personality of UniversityImpressive pride, an eminent personality of University

Impressive educational
background, outstanding performance and positive behavioral traits make a
student stand out from others-that is why Ms. Priyanka Florina Karmokar
is our university’s pride, an eminent personality of University of Asia
Pacific. It gives me immense pleasure to write about her since I not only know
her as a student for last five years but can also evaluate her as a person
since I was her direct teacher and class adviser from 2012-2015.

During her undergraduate
days, I used to teach her the theory courses- Microbiology Part II and
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. She is the ideal student any teacher would want
to have in their class-enthusiastic, observant, courteous, punctual and
earnest. Never had she ever given me the opportunity to score her any less than
an A+ and I was also ecstatic to have learned that Miss Karmokar even secured
the highest score possible in her Bachelor’s degree among all the 35 batches
that had already graduated from the Department of Pharmacy in 20 years. I was
an interviewer in her 2 credit oral viva tests for few semesters and she never
seized to delight me with her confidence and profoundness of knowledge. In
every group presentation and group project, she always used to be the group
leader. She has all the attributes of a great leader as she naturally takes
leadership and motivates other group members to reach their maximum potential.
From representing our university in an inter-university competition to being a
member of the editorial committee of university’s magazine, she always made us
proud and I believe would continue to do so in the future.

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She did her MS research
under my supervision. The most enthralling fact is that she is the only student
who quit her well-reputed job to concentrate more on her higher studies. It is
amazing to learn that she wants to do her thesis to become a more deserving
candidate in the pharmaceutical research field. She impressed many professors including
myself during her research work, as she proved her capability by communicating
well with her supervisors, working 12 hours a day, and by successfully solving
sundry problems by her own. Her performance in the laboratory was commendable
and I would definitely offer her to work with me on other projects after her

Ms. Priyanka Florina
Karmokar dreams to be a Pharmaceutical scientist and I believe in her dream as
well, as observing her throughout the years, I could see a student who desires
to learn more, someone who has the genuine passion for everything she does. Her
amicable attitude is one of her best qualities along with the ability to
adaptation, which I believe; make her perfectly prepared for experiencing a
diverse society. I strongly recommend accepting her as a graduate student in
your university because I truly believe that one day she will make your
university proud just as she did us. I also highly recommend her for any
possible financial assistance in the form of Fellowship/ Scholarship/ Research
Assistantship/ Teaching Assistantship.