In and embarrassing oversights. Also, almost everyIn and embarrassing oversights. Also, almost every

In the critical analysis article by Mr. Kaber,
he also spoke about how few segments were irrelevant and how subtitles were
didn’t work with the running segment. 
The theater I saw this movie in displayed English subtitles on the
bottom half of the screen. While this certainly helped many a non-Hindi speaker
appreciate the film, they were also markedly bad in places. They were
especially patchy during the songs. While the almost impossible-to-translate
‘Kaahe Chhed Mohe’ was deciphered without a single mistake, the relatively
trite ‘Chalak Chalak’ was abound with glitches and embarrassing oversights.
Also, almost every set seems to have been constructed. There are no scenes of
nature or the city – which gives the film a very sound-stage feel that is
difficult to initially get past. On the bright side, the costumes, sets, and
almost surreal look of the film saves it from any harsh criticism, and after
you sit through the climax, it’s almost impossible to criticize ‘Devdas’ little

Devdas was also criticised for casting and how
terrible it was. If at all there is something wrong with Devdas, its in the
casting of Jackie Shroff, who does nothing for himself or the audience via the
role of Chunnilal. It is the most weakly written and executed role in the
entire film. And while Madhuri Dixit is a beautiful woman, her recent issues
with weight come to the fore in the film, especially during her commendable
dance performance with Aishwarya Rai, where the latter steals the show with her
cat-like prancing. And though every song is a gem, there is an ode to alcohol
at the end that is particularly disconcerting as it ruins the continuity of the
film and looks sorely out of place. ‘Devdas’ also suffers from the same issues
that plagued ‘Hum dil de chuke sanam’. Though the first half had engrossing
scenes between the leads and their parents, the second half doesn’t take the
time to feature any of the parents at all. Its as if once Paro is married off,
both families ceased existing. Not that we’re complaining – Devdas’ mother is
played by an actress whom we personally do not rank very highly, and the ‘evil
relatives’ theme is something this movie was better off without. Unfortunately,
the aspect of unnecessary relatives does not apply to Devdas’ family. When Paro
is married off, she is introduced to her ‘elders’ one woman in particular has a
feisty yet composed conversation with Paro, and we are led to believe that all
of this would eventually lead somewhere. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. These
people, including Paro’s step-daughter, simply fall off the face of the film
right after they are introduced, and are never to be seen again.

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