In and Its Effects The adverse effectsIn and Its Effects The adverse effects

In today’s society, the idea of balance and equality among the sexes has been diluted and simplified into two major groups. These groups ,which are known as feminism and male chauvinism, have done much more harm than good and have been negatively affecting society since the start of the sexual revolution in the late 20th century. The positive idea behind feminism is that it entirely empowers women and tries to prove the idea that women are just as good, if not better, than men. This idea is pure in theory, but has been quickly deteriorating since its conception. Many of these ideals have been diluted and muddied over time creating adverse effects on society. The same can be said for the idea of male chauvinism, which is entirely wrong and evil even in theory. The idea behind male chauvinism is that the male is completely dominant and superior to the woman. While it is obvious how this idea is wrong, its adverse effects on society are even worse! Feminism and Its Effects The adverse effects of feminism are many and can be listed. One effect that feminism has had on society in the negative aspect is the general unhappiness of women and men since the dawn of the movement.Finally, modern feminism is evil because it ultimately makes women (and men) unhappy.  In a forthcoming article in the American Economic Journal:  Economic Policy, Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania show that American women over the last 35 years have steadily become less and less happy, as they have made more and more money relative to men.  Women used to be a lot happier than men despite the fact that they made much less money than men.  The sex gap in happiness (in women’s favor) has declined in the past 35 years as the sex gap in pay (in men’s favor) narrowed.  Now women make as much as, sometimes even more than, men do.  As a result, today women are just as unhappy, or even more unhappy than, men are.  As I explain in a previous post, money does not make women happy (Kanazawa). In this excerpt from Satoshi Kanazawa’s article, he is basically saying that women and men have been unhappier ever since the advent of feminism. Along with that, he proves it and cited evidence and studies that show women and men reporting lower happiness as time went on. In this example, it is shown that women being empowered and being considered more powerful than men was not only unsuccessful when it came to improving quality of life, but also was even more harmful than not making any changes at all. Kanazawa also says that money does not make women happy. While this is a very unpopular opinion that may not be politically correct nor supported, it is true and has the amount of evidence necessary to support and qualify it. Another example of adverse effects caused by feminism is in the education systems in the West. Through the gender discrimination being displayed by teachers in an effort to give girls a head start, boys are put at a great disadvantage and are not developing and learning as quickly as girls nor are they learning social skills as quickly (Donnelly). Another issue in the education system that has risen since the beginning of the feminist movement is that there are now less male teachers in the classroom (Donnelly). This leads to young boys having no role models to look up to, which in turn leads to behavioral issues and boys not being able to develop and follow in the footsteps of good role models to become men. The way beginning reading is taught in early primary school provides the best example of discrimination against boys. The more traditional method of teaching reading involves phonics and phonemic awareness, where children are taught the relationship between letters, groups of letters and sounds. The new-age, progressive approach is called whole language, where children are expected to learn how to read as naturally as learning how to talk. When it comes to print, they are told to “look and guess” and work out the meaning by accompanying pictures or images. As argued by Byron Harrison, a reading expert from Tasmania who along with Jean Clyde published Reading Through Tears: New Insights into the Teaching of Reading (Hobart: VAS Research, 2005), the whole language approach is guaranteed to disadvantage boys and lead to frustration and failure (Donnelly). This idea of using an entirely different approach and it hurting boys’ learning is a big issue. However, the even bigger issue behind this is that nothing is being done about it because this type of education is seen as the correct way by feminists because it lets girls get an advantage. In reality, girls are not getting an advantage, but boys are obtaining a disadvantage! This form of feminism is toxic and is only hurting society with its adverse effects. Even though feminists and the feminist movement is having negative side effects on society, male chauvinism and the idea of misogyny has the same level of negative side effects on society. Misogyny and male chauvinism are another plague of American society and the other extreme side of the spectrum. It is exactly opposite that of feminism yet it has similar effects on both women and men. One example is an excerpt from Dabbah’s article where she says, “Gender violence is a world epidemic. Remaining quiet when faced with a violent situation against yourself, your daughters or other women is the best way to guarantee that male chauvinism will be live and well for many more generations. Your silence only allows the guilty to continue behaving with impunity.” This description of a male beating a women and being violent towards women with no repercussions is more than enough evidence to prove that male chauvinism and misogyny as a whole should never be allowed nor should it be condoned by anyone. The Effects of Male Chauvinism Male Chauvinism in theory is entirely flawed and only gets worse when it is put into practice. This ideal that men are stronger, better, and more intelligent than women sets a very villainous precedent for what men are allowed to do. This toxic idea leads to men abusing women, making women feel like less than people, and taking away the value and dignity that belongs to every human being. Even though it might seem like moving away from the patriarchal oppression that has been present since the dawn of man might seem like an excellent idea, feminism is also just as, if not even more dangerous to society than even misogyny or male chauvinism. Feminism in and of itself is not inherently harmful, but the way that many women abuse and use the idea of it to promote unfair advantages to women and girls over men and boys is apparent and is destroying Western society as a whole from the inside out. Examples of this include education and the unfair disadvantage young boys are having to deal with due to new methods of teaching and other issues involving role models and such. While feminism is damaging boys, it is also hurting women themselves, with issues such as women becoming less and less happy as they gain higher wages and what is presumed to be a higher quality of life.Due to the extremes on both sides of the gender equality spectrum, there must be a balance that can be reached through careful examination of  the issues that have come about from feminism and male chauvinism. This balance must take into account that men and women are not the same, yet they are equal. This statement means that society must not lean in either direction towards men or women, but must instead use careful judgement to understand and decide what is best for both sexes on a case by case basis. Through this analysis and judgement, The adverse and entirely negative effects produced by male chauvinism and feminism can be greatly diminished and perhaps eradicated from society, while still maintaining the principle that all people are equal and should not be discriminated against for any reason relating to gender.