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In the modern day, one of
the most popular ways to initiate a romantic relationship is through online
dating. Because of their hectic schedule, people in today’s society hardly ever
have the time to go out and ask a stranger for a date. Going on dates with
someone people have known outside of the digital world seems to be the thing of
the past. Nonetheless, whether romantic outcomes have improved or worsened over
time because of online dating is still up for question. There are many evidences
that suggest that online dating has been for both betterment and detriment of
our relationships. While dating might save people time, they might not be
getting the honesty and morality they want from their partners. Where some
people are meeting their soulmates through online dating, others are losing their
partner due to infidelity because of online dating.

Online dating is at its
peak. In 2017 alone, 19% of the couples that tied the knot said that they had
met online – that’s 14,000 engagements (Thottam, 2018). However, 5.9% of the
19% ended up breaking up within a few months. The main reason for the breakups
seemed to be disloyalty. Of the research done on the couples in 2014, the
results suggested that couples who met their partners online were more likely
to be involved in romantic relationship with others than couples who met
offline. Furthermore, the breakup rates for both married and non-married
couples were higher within those who met online than those who met offline
(Paul, 2014). That was also mostly due to infidelity. Because they’ve such a
vast selection of partners available, people with online affairs get obsessed with
them, often becoming serial cheaters. In fact, 53% of the online users from a
research study admitted that they have dated more than one person
simultaneously (Finkel, 2012). Although online dating has matched a lot of
people with their life partners, it has also paved a way for people to cheat in
more creative ways, and often getting away with it, leaving us to question
whether online dating has actually changed our lives for the better or the

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            Whether it be
their height, weight, or income, most online daters are dishonest in their
profile. In fact, a research study conducted found that 81% of the online
daters do lie about their height, weight or age. Other than the income, most of
the lies pertained to their physical appearances. For the women who lied about
their height and weight, they portrayed themselves as 10lbs lighter and a few
inches shorter. For the men on the other hand, they subtracted 1.5lbs from
their frames, and portrayed themselves several inches taller (Tong, 2016). Both
men and women were found to have put up pictures that showed younger, more
appealing versions of themselves. The women, on average, used pictures that
were taken 1.5 years earlier while men used pictures taken 6 months or prior. Furthermore,
22% of online daters ask their friends to help them create their profiles, with
30% being females and 16% being males (Thottam, 2018). This way, without even
realizing, some online daters put statements on their profile that might not be
true. Now if they had met each other through some other way than online dating,
people would’ve been able to tell if the person was honest and worth their

            Online dating
is not all bad, as it does save people a lot of time who don’t find potential
partners through mutual acquaintance or work. For just about anyone, the
internet does make it easy to connect it with people without going through the
stress of setting up a date. Not only that, it also saves people a lot of stress
and money they would usually have to invest in a date. Online dating also gives
people a chance to connect with the world more, as it gives them more
opportunities to meet with people outside of their social circle. This way
people can decide if they’re looking for just a date, or if they’re ready to
invest in a serious relationship. However, those people too can be a target of
fraud, so online dating is a whole “do it at your own risk” sort of situation. Therefore,
whether online dating has been more efficient than traditional dating is still
up for question, as both forms of dating have their good and bad.

            A lot of people are letting go of
traditional dating, and turning to their devices to look for a life partner. A question
that arises is whether online dating is for the betterment or for the detriment
of our society. There are both advantages and disadvantages to online dating. While
a lot of people get married through online dating nowadays, there are a handful
who face fraud through online dating services because of the number of people
who lie on their profiles. Whereon one hand it saves people time, on the other
hand it is also cause of the continuously growing rate of infidelity. Because of
the ups and downs due to both traditional and online dating, whether online
dating has actually improved or worsened romantic outcomes still seems to be
changing, and up for question.