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In the second grade, I vividly recollect seeing, for the first time, a beautiful geometrically shaped, white mid century modern designed house with large glass windows as well as seeing for the first time, wood being used on the exterior. Inspired and intrigued as a kid of what I saw, and so heavily drawn to the aspects of design, I realized that when I grow older, I did not want to perform surgeries nor extract wisdom teeth, or even be a businessman. I knew that I wanted to become an architect. I wanted to design aesthetically pleasing buildings and make everything around me beautiful. Having recently visited The New School in December of 2017, and being very impressed and excited with the technology available, I am applying to The New School because I know that The New School will be provide outstanding and adequate resources, equipment, and an education to pursue my passion and a career in the architecture field. Take, for example, the Making Center facilities. The Making Center is beneficial in pursuing my passion for architecture because here, I would be able to easily and conveniently create anything with the diverse facilities offered to students. Along with creating, I will also be able to push the envelope and further challenge myself with my potential. This is significant to me because no other school offers students, like myself, a Making Center like this where one can easily and conveniently bring their designs to life. From the photo studios to the wood shop to the 3d printing floor, The New School truly stands apart from other schools. I know that The New School offers their student community a hands-on and uniquely intimate education because of the small student to teacher ratio in the classrooms. This is especially important to me because I know that working more closely with my professor, I will get the attention and support I need to reach my highest potential. One of the primary reasons I am excited about The New School is because I appreciate and know the value of one-on-one contact with my professors and would like to collaborate with them. I want to be able to have a shared experience rather than a one-way communication of information and I believe that The New School will give me that experience.Another reason why I want to join The New School´s community is because of its stellar location in Greenwich Village NYC. To be able to study my passions in such an environment is a privilege and opportunity. Knowing that I will be studying in NYC, I know that I will have a lot of great connections and be able to network with very intelligent and amazing students as well as the people within the city. I am originally from Los Angeles California, however I am looking for a completely new and different experience and I am willing to embrace change.Furthermore, I really appreciate and admire that NYC and The New School are both very diverse. I believe that there are many opportunities to learn from and with people of different ethnicities, ages, abilities, sexual identities and religions.    In the end, I know I will be a good fit for The New School due to all the time I dedicate to my artwork as well as my academics. I know what it means to work hard. I know that if you want something, you have to put forth everything until you achieve whatever it is that you want. I know that studying at The New School, especially Parsons, is challenging, however, as Marie Curie once said, “We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.” I am determined to work for anything and everything; I am passionate about even if it is not so easy to achieve and even if there are many obstacles to overcome.