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In my
opinion, leaders and followers are both vital to any organization today. People
have focused primarily on the leaders in organizations, and their roles in
motivating the followers that they manage since they are in more of a
management type role. The behavior of the leaders affects the behavior of the
followers. Good leaders help manage and guide their followers to lead them in
the right direction and create a good workplace environment. Followers who project
their leaders as responsible for making executive decisions are less likely to
take an active role in the decision-making process. They don’t input their
thoughts or ideas that can help make decisions because they believe at times,
it won’t count or bring value to any decision making, which shouldn’t be the
case. Sometimes followers may expect the leader to motivate them rather than
taking the responsibility to motivate themselves in the workplace. On the other
hand, followers who take the initiative to motivate themselves and achieve
certain goals, perceives the leader to be more as a partner, and feels they
bring value to the team. Leadership focuses more on empowering followers to
work for the best interests of the organization and to meet organizational
goals. There are several characteristics that leaders entail. Leaders
communicate a clear vision and goal for their followers. When establishing
this, leaders explain how vision and goals can be achieved and give motivation
to the followers to follow through. Leaders always lead by example.


must be confident and strong in achieving the vision and believe and trust in
the followers’ ability to accomplish the given tasks. The behavior of leaders
reinstates the vision and the values that they operate. Leaders will empower
followers to make decisions that will impact achievement of the vision. Good
leaders will encourage their followers to bring their own input and ideas to
meetings, making them feel valued and important to the overall vision and goals
of the business. Leadership
and followership goes hand in hand. Effective followers can shape and form productive
and effective leadership behavior. They also can encourage their leaders with
positive feedback and workplace environment. Behind every great leader is a
great team of people in my opinion. Followers are important in the organization
for multiple reasons. If there were no followers, there would clearly be no
leaders. For anything to succeed, there must be people who willing to follow, and
those who willing to lead effectively. Followers and Leaders are vital roles
that individuals shift into and out of under many reasons and conditions.
Everyone becomes a follower at one time or another in the workplace, at some
point. In any organization, majority of the individuals have some someone above
them, they have to report to. Almost majority of individuals are more often
followers than leaders in life. The concept about leadership is an influencing
role because it poses authority to the people under you or your team that you
manage or have report to you. 

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