In both the film and the captivityIn both the film and the captivity


In both the film and the captivity narrative, we can see how all these problems emerged from Europeans and Native American Indians War. In Mary Rowlandson’s case, it all started when the English came to where is now Massachusetts. Before they came Native Americans, in this case the Wampanoag Indians were used to grow corn and some other seeds for food. They were also used to sharing their land with each other. All this changed when the English came to Massachusetts, the English, of course, had different customs and the Natives American were not really pleased by that. English men were fencing land to cultivate livestock, they did not only do that but also destroyed all Natives Americans Indians crops, and also prevented new seeds from being cultivated or planted. This is when the war broke out, the Native American’s leader, also known as King Phillip conducted several groups of Native Americans to war against English and some other allies they had. The first year of the war was in what we now know as Massachusetts, but the second and last year the war was in what we now know as Maine. In the middle of the war the Indians came with a clever strategy, they stated to take captives, which they later traded for money, provisions and weapons.We can see all these events in Mary Rowlandson’s Captivity Narrative. How it starts with a very violent setting. “bullets seemed to fly like hail; and quickly they wounded one man among us, then another, then a third.” (Rowlandson,1682 P.128). After that, the Indians got her house on fire and killed several people who were inside. The Indians killed her sister with a bullet and some of her sister’s children and husband, when they were running away from the house. Then the Indians took her and youngest daughter who was severely injured by a bullet. The Indians were not really compassionated with her daughter, who later died and was buried by the Indians. By going through all of this Rowlandson never lost her faith in God, she knew she was going to manage to get out of that situation with God’s help. After a few days in the wilderness, she was sold to another Native American nation, when she was there she was given a Bible “I cannot but take notice of the wonderful mercy of God to me in afflictions, in sending me a Bible” (Rowlandson, 1682 P.133). After a long journey Mary was taken to where King Philip live, in this village she tried to negotiate her release “On Tuesday morning they called their general court to consult and determine whether I should go home or no. And they all as one man did seemingly consent to it, that I should go home except Phillip, who wound not come among them.” (Rowlandson, 1682 P. 137).  After that, she was very worried she was not going to be able to see her children again. She stayed there for few days more while they were negotiating her release. Finally, after 11 weeks she was finally released. After they released her she reunited with her husband, a few days after she was reunited with her oldest daughter and son. “I have seen the extreme vanity of this world: one hour I have been in health, wealthy, wanting nothing. But the next hour in sickness, and wounds, and death, having nothing but sorrow and affliction.” (Rowlandson,1682 P.142).  This narrative was one of American’s best seller book, because it was one of the first Captivity Narrative. Not only that but it is written by a woman who went through all of this.


The Last of the Mohicans happens amid the French and Indian War of 1750. During this war, the French and the English were fighting about who was going to rule and control the colonies, the French allied with the Native Americans were against the English. This left a lot of death and disastrous results.  

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Cora and Alice Munro, were the daughters of the English colonel at that time. Cora and Alice were going to visit their father, they were accompanied by Heyward who was an English Major and Magua who was a Native American that was guiding the trip. The trip was a trap by Magua to killed both Alice and Cora. When Magua and another group of Natives Americans were about to kill them Chingachgook, Uncas and his adopted half-white brother Hawkeye who are The Last Mohicans came to help Alice and Cora and the only English soldier that survived Heyward. After that they go all together to where the English colonel is. When they arrived there, they see how the French were attacking the English severely. “Heyward: May I inquire after the situation, sir, given that I have seen the French engineering from ridge above? English Colonel Munro: The situation is his guns are bigger than mine and he has more of them.” (Balderstone, 1992. Minute 40:35). By this said the French were winning this battle and the English surrendered and made a deal with the French, Munro wanted all his people to survived and they were leaving the place in peace. This was not enough for Magua, he hated Munro he wanted to take his heart and stab a knife to Cora and Alice. Magua decided to intercept the English when they were leaving, in this fight Colonel Munro dies. Leaving Alice and Cora with their saviors Chingachgook, Uncas and his adopted half-white brother Hawkeye. Cora had feelings for Hawkeye and Uncas had feelings for Alice, which led for them to protect these girls with their lives. Alice, Uncas, Cora , Hawkeye, Heyward and Chingachgook manage to scape in a little canoe. But after that they get intercepted by Magua again who takes them to his Master. There the master wanted to burn Cora alive and to kill Alice, just to make what they called justice. Heyward gives his life for exchange to let Cora survive. Heyward is burned alive and the Indians take Alice. When Uncas saw that they were taking Alice to the top of the Mountain, he couldn’t stop himself and went to try to save her, in his attempt to save her he was killed by Magua. This half-brother and his father were devastated by this.  Chingachgook fights with Magua over his son’s life and killed Magua. Hawkeye and Cora stay alive with Chingachgook, who now is the Last Mohican. This story is an example of the how in a personal level as friendship or brotherhood Europeans and Indians workout better than personal or political relationships.