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In order for Boeing to assure that their products have the highest quality as well as being cost-effective, their production process must consist of several elements that work together in order to achieve such goals. Because Boeing is one of the largest if not the largest aerospace company in the world it prides its self on making sure that all their products are always created to the best of their power. That is why Boeing’s true focal point is centered on making their product quality unparalleled. They also focus on there “ability to determine the normal form the abnormal” this is done by the implementation of Lean.     Boeing is currently under a Lean production system. According to Bizfluent website “Lean production or lean manufacturing is a technique meant to enhance efficiency and profitability. Its primary focus is the speed of output by waste elimination.” Lean manufacturing was incorporated into Boeing thanks to Walter Odisho, Boeing’s vice president of manufacturing and safety. Odisho decided to implement lean manufacturing into Boeing after witnessing the success it had at Toyota, his previous employer. During an interview held at Boeing Odisho went on to say “plane makers need to make production more repeatable and predictable.” Thanks to Odisho implementing Lean, Boeing has been able to improve efficiency when it comes to building their planes. Lean has also helped Boeing stay competitive in a swiftly changing global market.     Due to Boeing’s constant competition with so many other aerospace companies,’ it is continuously trying to find options that will help it stay ahead of the game. According to Boeing Frontier an online journal “Lean manufacturing and other principals of the Boeing production system enable commercial airplanes to focus on building its products better, faster and cheaper- but most of all better”. Lean has not only helped Boeing stay ahead of the fierce competition it has also help cut cost as well as leading Boeing into what can only be explained as an era of pure growth.     The quality and management systems at Boeing are inseparably linked therefore facilitating total customer satisfaction through a lean production system. Boeing’s vice president of manufacturing for airplanes programs once stated ” Boeing builds the best products in the world, and its standards are second to none, you can’t build without quality and you can’t ensure quality without lean initiatives. They’re interdependent”.  Boeings overall end goal is to have a production and quality management team of employees that are empowered by Lean and by the looks of it they are evidently heading in the right direction.      In conclusion, Boeing is a company that will continue to strive for customer satisfaction and overall perfection. Boeings products will continue to be known around the world as some of the largest and most superlative planes. Thanks to its increase in demand, its dedicated workforce, and its efficient product production Boeing has become the company it is today. Lucky for them Boeing seems to not be slowing down and thus they right on track of staying on top of what is known to be the worlds number one aerospace company.