In decline in welfare state and decline

In the article called “Income inequality, social cohesion and the health status of populations: the role of neo-liberalism”, Coburn highlights the assumptions of Neo-liberalism and its impact on income equality, social cohesion and health status. Some of the points mentioned in the article in regards to Neo-Liberalism are as following:·      One needs to pay greater attention to the causes of inequality rather than focusing merely on the effects of inequality.·      Neo-liberal regime = decline in welfare state and decline of power of workers = higher income inequality = lowered social cohesion/lower trust = lowered health status·      Privatization resulted in exclusion of low income population from the society.·      Privatization = lack of connections and feelings of distrust towards others.·      National wealth does not reflect national well-being.In the chapter called Ecological Models of Health, Sallis, Owen, and Fisher, (2008) emphasize on the implications of this model in facilitating a behavior change in health promotion. It targets multiple levels of influences such as interpersonal, community, physical environment and policy. It takes into consideration the importance of a supportive environment in order to develop multi-level interventions. Application of this model is done to understand different influences such as physical activity, tobacco control and self-management of diabetes.. At an individual level, interventions such as nicotine replacement and telephone counselling were used. At an organizational level, the interventions focused towards smoke-free environment and increasing tobacco prices. A lowered rate of smoking as well as effective self-management of Diabetes was attained by effectively using the ecological model and providing adequate resources. By providing continued support and follow-up, effectiveness of the application of this model would be amplified. Finally, one of the main strengths of ecological model is the removal of responsibility at individual level, thereby preventing any victim blaming from taking place. On the other hand, the weakness of this model lies in its lack of specificity about influences.

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