In during the era of 1800s. Consequently,In during the era of 1800s. Consequently,

a nutshell, despite the fact that the book focuses on slavery and racism, there
are other themes such the hypocrisy of “civilized” society and the intellectual and moral
education that has clearly depicted by the major characters in the book.
Personally, I believe that the book is not about the black man struggling for
his sovereignty but rather a white man fighting for his scruples.

book would not make a valid and reliable historical source for the period of
history that it deals with since the book does not provide more crucial
information about the historical events that happened during that era.
Additionally, the novel is a seditious confrontation of slavery and racism.
Consequently, the book neglects other interpretations of events by focusing
only and slavery. I believe the authors intentions were to give a different
perspective of slavery rather than to provide a reliable historic source.

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Do you feel the book would make a valid
and reliable historical source for the period of history it deals with? Why or
why not? 

the book does not change my opinion about historical events since the
historical setting surrounding the book depicts that the author was prejudiced
socially and personally by the deteriorating ethical and social conditions of
the household during the era of 1800s. Consequently, the events of the era
prompted him to indirectly speak out his trepidations, restraints and dogmas
through the professed virtuousness of a fledgling boy and his escapades.

Did the book cause you to change
your opinion about historical events? Why or why not?

feel like the author’s explanations are inaccurate since the novels description
says that “the adventures of Huckleberry Finn
are now neither offensive nor uncool.” In addition, it seems that the author
was avoiding the complex questions that his book was raising. Huck and Jim have
been running away from naught since the abusive father of Huck was dead and
Jim’s owner had already set him free though the novel is based on the notion
that the two were running away from slavery and racism. I also believe that the
descriptions are somewhat accurate. The use of the term “nigger” is an accurate
depiction of the time period and the circumstances. It paints the picture of
racism to the audience.

Do you feel the author’s
descriptions are accurate? Why or why not?

author was biased one view of the history hence neglecting other
interpretations of events. Twain solely focused progressively on the
institution of suppression of the blacks in the South and never mentioned about
the events happening on the North as such. Moreover, he focuses on the Southern
people maintaining power of controlling and oppressing the blacks whom had been
freed because of war. In the novel, Twain who is the author focused on racism
and slavery which happened decades ago till the time he wrote the book. This
also depicted in the book when Miss Watson and Sally Phelps are not concerned
about the prejudice of slavery and the vindictiveness of splitting Jim from his
family. Twain inscribed, “I vividly remember
seeing a dozen black men and women chained to one another, once, and lying in a
group on the pavement, awaiting shipment to the Southern slave market. Those
were the saddest faces I have ever seen.”

Do you feel as if the author was
biased towards one view of history and neglected other interpretations of
events? Why or why not?

novel is an important historical work since the author, Twain wrote this work
when America was still struggling with the issue of racism and repercussions of
servitude especially the southern part of America despite the fact that two
decades had already elapsed after the Emancipation Proclamation and the end of
Civil War. When the author was working on this novel, racial affiliations had
once become strained since when the white southerners had decreed racist laws
with the motivation of self-defense against the black who had been freed. At
the time, America was finding the issue of racism in the south difficult to be
solved since policies had been enacted against the blacks and few people saw it
as immoral. Moreover, the imposition of Jim Crow Laws, intended to limit the
power of the blacks in the southern part in several indirect ways hence the
birth of sinister exertion to oppression. Through the book, The Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn, we are able to understand clearly about the historical events
about racism and slavery in America and how people viewed the blacks.

Do you feel the book is or is not
an important historical work? Why or why not?

 Furthermore, the novel’s major themes
comprised of racism and slavery themes. This paper is set to discuss about if
the book is an important historical work, if the author was
biased towards one view of history and neglected other interpretations of
events and if the author’s descriptions are accurate. Additionally, it also
focuses on if the book causes you to change your opinion about historical events
and if the book would make a valid and reliable historical source for the
period of history it deals with.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel
that was written by Mark Twain and it was first published in 1884 December in
the United Kingdom and in 1885 February in the United States. The novel is
about Huck who has runs away not from his drunk and abusive father but rather
from slavery and racially and oppression based system. The novel is recognized
as one of the finest American Literature novel that was written in vernacular
English and having been described by local color regionalism. The novel is told
in first person by one of the major characters known as Huckleberry “Huck”
Finn. Other major characters in the novel included Tom Sawyer who was “the best
fighter and the smartest kid in town” and Jim who was a slave to Miss Watson;
the two were friends to Huck.