In e-mail Brand There are several waysIn e-mail Brand There are several ways

In order to make the business profitable, below is a list of
sales channels that I would use:

Online or e-commerce: make an appointment on our
company’s website and purchase the products and services all at one time.  This would allow consumers to save time and
less hassle of paying.

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Direct sales – introduce the products and
services to first time or walk-in customers and provide discounts or coupons.

Outside sales – to build a network of customers,
I would venture out for prospect clients and distribute flyers

Implement referral program – have repeat clients
refer a family member or a friend and the client will receive a discount on
their next service

Host invitation only events: hosting an event
every 6 months would help boost new clientele. Inviting both current and
prospective clients, your current clients will do your selling for you.  Give away gifts as a thank you gesture for

Introduce customers to Paypal Credit – if a
customer brought a friend but the friend did not have the funds, I would
introduce the friend to apply for Paypal Credit.  My business will be paid up front, and I
would not have to worry about billing or getting paid from the customer.  I would not want my money to walk out the
door without giving them options.

Direct Marketing – is another method to present
the company by reaching out to prospective customers, you can mail post cards
or coupons, contact them via e-mail




There are several ways to market the brand.

Collaborate with non-competitor business within
the same area and agree cross-promote

o   Use
coupons, fliers, bundled promotions or social media platforms


o   Go
out into the public or social media, build my fan base

Give a speech

o   Be
the speaker and represent my business in front of other organizations

Be the expert

o   Without
hiring a professional firm, subscribe to Help a Report Out

o   Respond
to reporters’ queries that are needing expert’s advice or stories

Offer pro bono service

o   Women
who are domestic violence victim

o   Low
income families

Offer coupons

o   It
is a good way to attract new customers

o   It
would generate return customers

Brand our cars with logos