In elements of professionalism is verbal exchange.In elements of professionalism is verbal exchange.

In the setting of being a student in a Doctor of Physical Therapy profession is the ability of a person to demonstrate core group value on the regular in their practice. According to American Physical Therapy Association, professionalism in physical therapy require the seven core values that models the practice of physical therapists including the principle of accountability, quality, good character, professional duty, selflessness, pity/lovingness, and social duty. All these principles help a student to be able to work with peers to do the very best in this profession. A student in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program should embrace these principles to be able to promote health and wellness of the people they will serve once they start to work as a physical therapist.

Personally, I started to gain interest in physical therapy after having a conversation with my father who first realized how much interest I took in sports and injury. During this time, I was a cheerleader at my high school. Not only have I witnessed injuries from my own team, the basketball team, and the football team, but I have also suffered from a couple myself. Having dealt with a series of injuries I have an experience of pain and sadness. I can imagine what one’s mind undergoes when they cannot participate of their preferred recreation, interest, or maybe just playing with their children because of damage to the body. Ever since that conversation I’ve had the passion to want to help those who need assistance in rehabilitation. Those who need help lays in the arms of the physical therapists who take a self and public oath that they will do everything in their power to help those people to the best of their ability.

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The most difficult part of behaving like a professional consists of having the vital attitudes and behaviors, which includes the capacity to communicate, be responsible, and be mature. For my part, one of the most crucial elements of professionalism is verbal exchange. As a student, conversation is crucial while interacting with instructors, friends, and physical therapists you meet along the way. You also must be accountable. As a student, it is our duty to search for help when needed. Professors are not there to hold you hand along the way. Even more, as a physical therapist accountability is greater because the lessons are extra rigorous and at a faster tempo. I find that maturity is also vital. Having that self-belief is vital when seeking to push thru hard times. No longer can you be aware about your own thoughts or emotions, but you need to be empathetic towards others.

As an aspiring doctor in the physical therapy program, I am aware about how critical professionalism is and I aim to build and show off in each day of my existence.