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In the year 2020, majority of Americans are deceased and Britain is a police state that is ruled by a fascist dictator who ceases the freedom of individuals in that society.  The Leader, Adam Susan, utilizes an advanced computer known as Fate to control England. a sixteen-year-old girl referred to as Evey Hammond, decides to go out at midnight for her prostitution career. Breaking the curfew rules, she is approached by a group of Fingermen (police officers), and then arrested while they threatened to kill her. However, a cloaked figure who was wearing a mask displaying the face of Guy Fawkes who in tried to blow up the houses of Parliament in 1605 rescues Evey. When the figure takes Evey to his home, he reveals himself to be a man named V, a vigilante , who stands against the norms and values of the government fights the oppressors of the world he lives in. Evey notices that his home is smeared with books which has been utterly prohibited by the government. She then makes a commitment to him that she will not expose his hideout. As the story progresses, V plans his revenge on the fascist government, building his secret base, which he calls the “Shadow Gallery” while murdering certain individuals whom he holds on old grudge. He was now known as a terrorist in that society. Evey, having been saved by V early was in denial and  unsure about V’s motives if there were cynical or necessary. One night, as she waits outside at the Kitty Kat Killer club she unexpectedly  knocked out, kidnapped, and placed into prison. As she uncovers that he is in a mysterious cell, she is repeatedly maltreated for several weeks to give information about V but she persistently declines to stay true to her word. One day, The prison door was unexpectedly laid out open. Evey walked out of her prison and perceives that she’s was been held in a “fake” prison the entire time. The guard was a plastic dummy with a tape recorder placed in its head. Scanning her soundings, she then finds out that she has been in V’s Shadow Gallery and he  has been the one mistreating her day after day. V appries her that he wanted to display to her the power of courage and integrity so he did so by freeing her from the prison of her own happiness.