In fearing failure is he takes pride

In the novel “Things Fall Apart” written by Chinua Achebe shows that the fear of failure can destroy the most driven people. The protagonist, Okonkwo, fears failure. Okonkwo is a tragic hero and his tragic flaw is fearing failure. Okonkwo is scared to be like his dad, Unoka, who is very weak. Okonkwo fearing failure has both its positive and its negative effects. Some positives for Okonkwo fearing failure is he takes pride in his work and continuously works hard. Negative effects for Okonkwo fearing failure is him killing Ikemefuna and him beating his wife during peace week. Okonkwo fearing failure leads to his tragic downfall, suicide.Okonkwo is scared to be like his father Unoka. This is why Okonkwo works hard consistently. As said, “During the planting season Okonkwo worked daily on his farms from cok crow until the chickens went to roost (Achebe 13).” This shows that Okonkwo takes pride in his work and continuously works hard. Okonkwo won over a lot of tribe member’s respect with winning a wrestling match. Nwakibie knows that Okonkwo will continue to work hard. Nwakibie gives Okonkwo starter yams that will allow him to get his own harvest started. This is one positive for Okonkwo being afraid of weakness, is him constantly working hard and taking pride in his work.Okonkwo faces a lot of negatives fearing failure. Okonkwo is told to not go on the journey to kill Ikemefuna, but he goes to not show weakness. After the death of Ikemefuna, Okonkwo goes into a depression stage and this takes a toll on his personality. It says that, “Okonkwo did not taste any food for two days after the death of Ikemefuna. He drank palm wine from morning until night, and his eyes were red and fierce like the eyes of a rat when it was caught by the tail and dashed against the floor (Achebe 62).” Okonkwo shows this again when he beats his wife, Ojiugo, during peace week. As it says, He walked back to his obi to await Ojiugo’s return. And when she returned he beat her very heavily (Achebe 29).”. He again does this, because he is scared to show mercy to his wife. It even states, “But Okonkwo was not the man to stop beating somebody half-way through, not even for the fear of a goddess (Achebe 30).” Okonkwo again is shaped by his fear of failure. Okonkwo has been carved into a person due to his fear. He cannot be his own person, because he is always reminded to not fail. Okonkwo deals with many hardships with is fear to fail. Which things slowly start to fall apart for Okonkwo. Okonkwo constantly being afraid to fail breaks him down. The breaking down of Okonkwo leads to his tragic downfall.Okonkwo hangs himself with not knowing what else he can do to save not only his family, but his tribe. He also does it with all of his fear being built up and never being able to express it. Fearing failure shapes Okonkwo into a man that knows how to work hard, but never being able to show anything sympathy for anyone or anything. This is Okonkwo’s tragic flaw, because without this belief nothing bad would have ever happened to him. Okonkwo is a great man for all that he has done to his family and his tribe, but his fear of failure slowly breaks down Okonkwo.

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