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In this essay I am going to talk about the differences and similarities of the stories:Tthe Oold grandfather and his Llittle Ggrandson and Tthe Ttell-Ttale Hheart. When we finish reading this essay we will realize that both books have a lot in common but at the same time they have the opposite. Now I will give a summary of both stories. The first story is about a grandfather, his daughter-in-law, his son and his grandson. The grandfather, because he is so old, gets worse every day with respect to his health and his daughter-in-law and his son exclude him every time he gets worse, so much so that he gets to the point of having his food on a wooden plate to a corner of the house, and no longer eat at the table with others. One day the child’s parents see that he is very focused on something he is doing and they ask his son what he is doing with so many pieces of wood. And the boy replies that he is picking up all the pieces of wood he finds to make a wooden dish to feed them when they are old. At that time, their parents throw themselves on the floor to mourn and include their son’s grandfather at the table and everything else. The second story is about an old man and an adult, who is the narrator of the story. The account about how much he loved the old man but said he did not like a blue eye that stared at him. For 7 days he was very kind to the old man, talked to the etc. every night of those 7 days I was going to see how he slept. the eighth day when he went to see him in the night the old man woke up and started shouting saying – who is there? but the adult did not move for an hour. Later, when the old man got distracted, the adult began to hang him with his sheet until he killed him. When he was about to leave the apartment, he found 3 policemen at the door of the apartment next to them who had called them because they heard the screams and the adult calmly, he decided to let them enter the apartment but he began to hear heartbeats, each stronger and shouts and shouts even louder so that the police “do not listen” to the beats. but at last he confesses that he killed the old man. This are the summaries of the 2 stories we are going to comparate in this essay. The first thing I see as a difference is that in the story of the old granfather and his little grandson There is a moral which is that everything you do when you are a father your children take as an example to follow whether it is good or bad. On the other hand, there is no moral in the second. A remarkable resemblance in these two stories is the treatment of people for what is inside them, for example their kindness, their love, etc. and not see what is out there. In the first story they exclude the old man only for health reasons, and in the second story the adult only kills the old man by the blue eye. This is not reason to kill, exclude or treat a person badly, what matters about them is not inside. In conclusion I think these stories are very similar but not so much laveaz. The old grandfather and his little grand are teaching us a moral that to be great and have children we must follow, because nobody wants your child, when you are older, you treat badly at the time you need more help to continue living. The tell-tale story also tells us that we have to see what people have inside and not outside.