In her life, but gets through themIn her life, but gets through them

In the book Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, protagonist Katie had gone through many challenges. This book provides the reader with many different ways Katie had gone through hardships such as being involved in a abusive relationship, trying to fit into a town where she doesnt know anybody, and moving on from what had happened in the past. Katie runs away from her abusive husband to find herself in Southport North Carolina, attempting to run away from her past. Katie like many other women try to move on with her life after escaping such a hard time but finds it difficult to do so because of her traumatic experiences. Safe Haven portrays the way Katie has gone through many obstacles in her life, but gets through them in the end. The beginning of the novel starts by describing Kevin and Katie’s marriage. Kevin being a cop is used to being in control, which has taken a toll on how he wants things done the way he wants them to be. Kevin has complete control over Katie because she fears he will hurt her if she does not do what he says. Katie is not allowed to have a job or have friends because Kevin fears Katie will speak up and tell how he treats her. After many months of stealing money from Kevin without him noticing, and planning out how the perfect escape Katie finally decided to do it. Kevin being out of town does not suspect Katie to be gone and is a surprise to him when he comes home and she’s not there. Katie takes a bus to SouthPort and buys a isolated cabin the the middle of the woods. Katie fears Kevin will track her down because he is a cop, because of that Katie decides to cut and dye her hair as well as change her name to hide her identity. This is one of the main challenges Katie had to go through in the book. Many women are in a abusive relationship but are too scared to speak up about it or leave. Katie was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by Kevin and was exhausted by it and decided to leave. This was a challenge for Katie because if Kevin found out Katie was planning to leave he could have physically hurt her to near death like he had in the past. “Now, as he watched Katie toying with a ring that wasn’t there, he felt his old investigative instincts kick in.There’d been a husband, he thought; her husband was the missing element. Either she was still married or she wasn’t, but he had a undeniable hunch that Katie was still afraid of him.” (49) Katie was still keeping her past with her even after she had ran away from Kevin indicating that it had a huge toll on her life. People around her could tell she had been through alot before moving into SouthPort but had been too polite to ask knowing that she had come here to escape a challenge in her life.Once Katie moved to SouthPort she needed to start a new life as a new person, which was very challenging for her. Katie got a job at a local restaurant where she made just enough to pay for rent and food. With not having much money at all, Katie had no other choice to walk everywhere which had been difficult to do so because her house had been far from town. Katie wanted to keep a low profile to make sure Kevin would not find her so that meant buying a house in the woods with only one neighbour. Katie befriended her neighbor, a women named Jo. Katie and Jo had gotten very close in the book and become friends with one another. Katie eventually opened up to Jo about what had happened in her past which she had not done before. Katie found it hard to make new friends because she wanted to keep off the radar to avoid being recognized by anyone. Jo helped Katie out a lot by giving her advice about a guy she had met named Alex. Katie had met Alex while shopping in his grocery store and had clicked very well with him and his kids. Alex’s kids almost looked up to Katie as their mother figure because their mother had passed away. Although abnormal Katie would only ever see Jo in and around her cabin but never in town but did not think much about it. After Katie discovers a secret Jo alot made sense about her. Katie received a letter given by Alex from his wife who had passed. In the letter it thanked whoever had made her husband happy again. At the end of the letter it stated “My name, as you probably know, is Carly, but for most of my life, my friends called me Jo” (335). After reading that Katie finally understood why it only seemed like Jo would never be in town and no one knew about her. Jo had helped Katie become adjusted to the new life she had to live to get away from her past, although Jo was a figment of Katies imagination it was her way of coping with the challenges in her life.