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In the book So B. It, Heidi’s mother -Sophia- died from what we can only presume was brain trauma in her sleep. So B. It is a book about a young girl named Heidi with a mentally ill mother. All we know about her mother Sophia, is that she was born without proper cognitive function, but the author wrote about her condition so vaguely that we don’t know if that is what caused her to pass away near the end of the book. Sophia is said to have had several migraine-like headaches that get more frequent near the middle towards the end of the book, the author never specifies the cause of these headaches and the reader is left to interpret her death however they please; here are four possible reasons I think could be the answer to how Sophia passed.My first reaction to reading about Sophia’s death was that she might have had a tumor of sorts; it seems pretty probable seeing as she didn’t have any medical records stating otherwise. If there was to be a tumor (cancerous or not), it would be capable of reducing blood flow to the brain, pinching, ripping, or blocking off important nerves, and adding a concerning amount of pressure to the brain; this can explain her constant migraines. If untreated, the tumor would grow, heightening the severity of these symptoms and causing the brain to shut down. We can’t know for sure if Sophia had a tumor because she never got her migraines checked out and her medical records were not accessible.After doing some research, a very good proposal as to what caused Sophia’s death could be that she got a seizure from a severe case of bacterial meningitis. This type of meningitis is caused when the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord become infected and are untreated. If Sophia were to have this form of meningitis, it would explain why she had her severe headaches, fevers, and mental status changes. Bacterial meningitis can result in mild to major brain damage, and in some major cases, death; even if they are treated. About 20-25% of meningitis patients suffer from seizures due to their condition; the main causes of these seizures can be: swelling and pressure in the brain, bacterial toxins in the fluid surrounding the brain, and sodium levels dropping. While most cases of seizures tend to be short and infrequent, if you have meningitis for a prolonged amount of time, the seizures can become prolonged and can result in disability or death. Another, less plausible factor that could have lead Sophia to her death is if she were to have a stroke due to a blood clot. If there was to be a blood clot, it would have to have caused a Thrombotic stroke, this specific stroke is are caused when a blood clot forms in an artery that supplies blood to your brain and begins to kill off important brain cells; these blood clots can be caused by fatty build up such as plaque, sugars, salts, and grease. We can’t be sure that Sophia had any blood clots but, in the book, she is said to have eaten an abundance of canned food, Jujyfruit candies, and drank a lot of tea.Lastly, the most far-fetched idea about Sophia’s death is that she might have had a seizure due to autism. Epilepsy can become a symptom of autism and it is the most common in people who also have an intellectual disability. Throughout the book, Sophia is shown to have major difficulties communicating and living on her own, for example: she only knows 23 words, she cannot take care of herself, and she only learns simple activities by constant and critical repetition. I say this is the most far-fetched idea because in the book, Sophia never has or is heard of having an epileptic episode. In conclusion, we can never really know for sure how Sophia died unless the author comes out with an official response. I think the purpose of this essay ties in very well to the So B. It’s theme of “as strong as the want to know is, there are some things you just can’t know”.