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In the present world, very few people have the nerve to
dream, and even fewer have the aptitude to work for it, and rare are the ones
who are able to live their dreams. I’m one of those few who have the audacity
to dream big and I’ve been trying to make it happen.
My name is Puneet Dang. I’ve been a part of business life since my
childhood.  Being an inquisitive person
and a quick learner has helped me grow and become a better person. I’ve always
had an inclination towards managing and organizing everything that I could get
my hands on. To learn more about business, I did (Honors) from Zakir
Husain Delhi College (University of Delhi).
I believe that no one is perfect in this world, everyone has some weaknesses. I
thrive to make my weaknesses into my strengths. I challenge myself to the
brink; and till date, have successfully removed several flaws and am a better
person than I was earlier. Being naïve during my initial days of college was
one of the drawbacks which I successfully trounced. Fruitfully organizing
various events in college evidently exhibits my leadership and managerial
proficiencies. Moreover, I’ve been a co-founder of a start-up which had to be
postponed. During my
undergraduate studies, I realized that there exists a wide rift between learning
and its real-world implementation. I believe that an MBA
program will grind my managerial skills and help me in emerging into one of the
leading CEO’s one day. I have faith in myself and I believe that a
post-graduation will equip me with the required abilities, conceptual knowledge
and hone the skills existing in me.

‘NMIMS’, an esteemed name in the field
of management education attracts a large number of students. The same unmatched
attraction of your institute has brought me to aspire to be a part of your
world that focuses on management education. PGDM from NMIMS will
equip me with sound management practices which will indeed boost my
professional career. Its unrivaled pedagogy in this field and a highly reputed
faculty can provide me with an exuberant experience, exposure and opportunities.  I am confident that at NMIMS, I shall be
encouraged to take up positions of responsibility and leadership from the very
inception to build a strong sense of self-motivation. This I feel is the
perfect foundation for a strong inspiring leadership, and so I am looking
forward for an opportunity of a lifetime, an MBA from an institute which does
not put limits on creativity and learning.

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