In in regards to the unequal payIn in regards to the unequal pay

In most societies, gender was often shaped by the way we view gender roles within a society around us. In the United States, gender is often the topic of discussion including equal pay, unisex bathrooms, and the LGBT movement. According to FAO, “Gender is defined by FAO as ‘the relations between men and women, both perceptual and material. Gender is not determined biologically, as a result of sexual characteristics of either women or men, but is constructed socially1. In Hinduism, the concept of gender is often used as the term third sex in which it means other. Often times, third sex is considered as gender ambiguity or intersex where the person doesn’t consider themselves both male or female. The way we view gender has changed significantly over the year which is reflected on the diverseness of its people.In the United States, when you look at the way women are treated unfairly in regards to the unequal pay and the me-too movement. Women get paid less than men in this country, people of color get paid even less than their white counterparts. Pew research insists,”The estimated 17-cent gender pay gap for all workers in 2015 has narrowed, from 36 cents in 1980. For young women, the gap has narrowed even more over time. Back in 1980, they earned 67% of their male counterparts, compared with 90% in 2015 2.” The Me too movement was started because how the way sexual harassment has risen significantly throughout the years. A lot of actors and actresses in Hollywood are now coming forward to name their attackers. These social challenges can be a reflection on the society we live in.In the LGBT movement, the term they used to refer to people who are biologically born male or female is considered cis-gendered. Trans rights and gender are both deeply intertwined with each other. People who are born biologically as a different gender can identify with another gender. The way you’re born biologically can be different from gender identity in the way you could view yourself either female and male. There is still conflict with the transgender community and being socially accepted by society by today’s standards. According to UCLA’s Williams Institute, “In one of the largest surveys of transgender and gender non-conforming Americans ever conducted, 70% of respondents reported being denied access, verbally harassed, or physically assaulted in public restrooms4.” In some states, they are now passing a bill prohibiting transgender people the use of public bathrooms.I think it’s very commendable that the parents are allowing the child to choose their gender instead enforcing these gender roles onto the child. Society as a whole will never fully break from these gender roles but if we continue to unlearn this concept of gender. We still start to improve the way we view gender and how we perceive the subject matter. The child will grow up confused because when they socialize with other kids they will feel isolated. The way the children are raised will be completely different from the way they are being raised. Psychologist Dr. Gray Thompson insists, “Children are often very resilient, but in the long run I think the societal pressures may subject this child to possibly experiencing gender identity disorders3.”