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In the article “The New Civil Rights” by Kenji Yoshino, the author explains that civil right laws that were created to protect and grant freedom are threatened by “covering demands”. The relationship between True self and False self was contradictory. The False self was a self-conflict that was made to protect the True self until it was ready for it to explore the world, but it also prevents the individual from being who they really are. No one should not have to hide who they are for acceptance. In “Making Conversation and Primacy of Practice” written by Kwame Anthony Appiah, the author examines that the world is separated and each culture would not risk their values to expand their learning and communicate with other cultures. This paper is trying to get you to understand the hardships that many minorities, lower classes, and different religions, ethnicities, etc. face in everyday life and tries to have you challenge these ideas and come up with a way to try to dissolve and resolve the many issues that our world faces. And just like this paper, getting rid of hatred in culture, traditions, etc is very very hard. But if you can effectively use scholars like Appiah and Yoshino, common sense, and the human perspective, you may be able to create your own change in life. Until these bonds and perspectives are broken, changed, and shifted to a more peaceful way of thinking there needs to be people like you, this class, and knowledge of these issues in order to create change. Being able to mold the younger generations and teach them new traditions, expose them to other cultures, and educate everyone in other’s religions, cultures, traditions, etc. will create a more ethical, intelligent, and peaceful future. Social change and civil rights have been attacked for years now. It is so sad to see all of this hatred in the world.Social trends have become a major advancement towards the modern era but there is a concern that throughout time it can replace the traditional values. Younger generations will be mostly impacted because they will be the generation to bring forth new ideas that would change the way individuals view traditional values. Appiah stated, He and his friends conceded that ‘as our  future sweethearts and wives, they were entitled to be heard in their plea in favor of male circumcision …. Why did these young women, in the heart of Asante, decide to urge the young men of Adum to do what was not untraditional but taboo? (76)This quote is important because it shows that as time evolve, their ideas evolve as well. Appiah’s father’s mindset is a great example of the times evolving. This is because he feels that it is important to keep up with the times and modernizing trends. He believes that through this modernization individuals will continue to be accepted in the modern world.Traditions are important to many people in  the world. Because of this, it is important that when moving into the future, one must continue to acknowledge past traditions but continue to move forward with the ideology of the modern era.Cosmopolitanism is an ideology that is normal to most parts of the world or an individual who is willing to understand other parts of the world. A responsibility regarding helping individuals accordingly, much contemporary good theory demands the obligation to help non natives who are generally enduring, or if nothing else on the obligation to regard and advance fundamental human rights and equity.      Appiah used cosmopolitanism as a way in trying to establish a conversation to talk about covering and civil rights needs to be talked about. Appiah emphasises more about accepting and being open to learning about different cultures and ideas. Appiah claims, The other is that we take seriously the value not just of human life but of particular human lives, which means taking an interest  in the practices and beliefs that lend them significance. People are different , the cosmopolitan knows, and there is much to learn from our differences. (69) This quote is important because Appiah wants the idea to be that individuals are obligated to grasp the others’ perspective and to value each other because there is much more to learn from their differences. The approach was to meant  to get individuals to come together and be one. According to Appiah, the best tools for social change would be practice. The objective was to communicate and move on, however you may not concur with what is being finished. There does not generally need to agree with each other. Individuals can cooperate with various conclusions without overplaying why they are correct and the other individual isn’t right. Practicing will enables individuals to exist together in a more serene condition since individuals can acknowledge others beliefs. Appiah claims, You will believe that it is a good way to teach them right from wrong and that, despite the temporary suffering caused by a beating, they will end up better off for it …. beat him enough. You will also, no doubt, recognize that they are people who beat their children too hard or too. So you will recognize that beating children can sometimes be cruel.” (75) Appiah gave an example parents beating their children. In some cultures it can be view as a sign of discipline, trying to establish boundaries of which should not be crossed but a memory in the future do the right thing. In other cultures beatings can be abuse, that when the practices that are taken become overdone and it as well can put others life in jeopardy.Kenji Yoshino contends that the request to cover can represent a concealed risk to our social equality. By which a strain has been brought upon individuals that should not have to hide who they are.

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