In love for her means nothing ifIn love for her means nothing if

In William
Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth is a controlling female character who
uses manipulation to gain power. Her role in her husband’s life is very
important during his rise and fall from royalty. At the time when the play was
written, women were regarded as weak, unimportant people that were there to
give birth and take care of the kids; they were not known to be as
knowledgeable, clever, or equal to men. However, in this play, her role was the
opposite of society norms. She uses her position to gain power and to stay
strong enough to support her unstable husband, yet she weakens miserably while
their relationship falls apart. Initially, everything about Lady Macbeth makes
her seem like the perfect villain, especially because of her ability to
manipulate everyone around he, and it appears that she can’t resist pursuing
the fruits of a terrible crime. However, her criminal strength proves to be an
illusion because her guilt about her and her husband’s actions consumes her.  

Immediately at the
start of the play, Lady Macbeth is presented as an overriding character. Her
desire for power and motivation to acquire power makes her disregard anything
trying to stop her. After discovering the prophecies, Lady Macbeth opts to support
Macbeth and help guide him to power. This is the start of her pursuit for
power. In the beginning, Lady Macbeth is willing to go as far as she has to in
order to obtain authority, she says,  “Glamis thou art, and Cowador, and shalt be/
What thou art promised (1.5, 14-15). This is vital because it’s where Lady
Macbeth determines that she might have to commit murder in order satisfy her search
for royalty and power.  Even though Macbeth
is hesitant about their plan to kill King Duncan, Lady Macbeth attacks him with
judgments that question his audacity and manhood by calling him a “coward”. She
goes as far as telling her husband that his love for her means nothing if he is
a coward and backs out, which proves her to be manipulative and ruling. She manipulates
him by using his own flaw against him, his love for her, and by patronizing his
assurance, offending his capabilities, and doubting his strength and manhood. She
said to him “Screw your courage to the sticking place” (1.7.60). She was certain
that her mockery could give her an edge over her husband. Lady Macbeth
purposely manipulates her relationship with Macbeth so they can get the power
she believes they both deserve. She coaxes Macbeth to convince him into murder
so that he can prove himself to his wife. Lady Macbeth seems criminal, but this
is evidence of her commitment and ambition to help Macbeth rise to power. She
is a strong woman who takes control to achieve her goal of power and royalty. 

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