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In the 1600s, a lot of people from Great Britain decided to move to America because of the economic freedom and opportunity there.  Some people say that most people moved there because of the religious freedom they got in America as well.  I think that economic freedom was the main reason that people moved to Colonial America.First of all, religion was a very important concept to people in the United Kingdom.  They wanted to practice their religion, but because of certain actions were taken by the ruler, some religions were not allowed to be practiced anymore, thus making people want to leave towards America.  This caused a great increase in population in America in multiple ways.  One reason was that of the amount of British coming over from Britain to practice their religion.  Another reason of an increase in population was because of the number of children born in America, as churches promoted to have a lot of children, so more people would be under the influence of their belief. In the 1730-1740, the first Great Awakening happened, which is a term that refers to priests giving a new life to their religion.  The Great Awakening affected the colonies in many ways.  One of them includes how the people’s attitude changed towards their religion.  The reverence and worshiping of God have been declining steadily, but the Great awakening changed this by increasing the strength of worshiping.  Another reason that the Great Awakening affected the colonies is that of the disagreements people now had about religion.  People separated themselves from each other because some people did not believe as strong in worshipping God as them or as others.  These actions promoted solidarity, not only in religion but also in the classes people were in.Economies were brand new in Colonial America, and all natural resources were still in full stock for the Colonial Americans.  Many people first made their money of arming food, such as corn, potatoes, cotton and later on tobacco.  Another way people made money in the early times of Colonial America was by hunting animals, such as beavers for fur.  Fishing and whaling was also a big part of the economy, especially in the French colonies, as it was way too cold to farm.  Whaling was especially effective, as the whale was really big, and much of the whale was used to sell on in trade and goods for itself.  If people from the United Kingdom bought a ticket to Virginia, they would get 50 acres of land in the new land.  As the people came in big numbers, people eventually had to go further inland to farm and encountered Native Americans. Later on, as laws were made in the colonies, a policy was passed which favored traders and merchants.  Mercantilism was a policy that a nation or an empire could build wealth and power by improving their industries and exporting goods in exchange for other items and minerals, like gold and silver.  Mercantilism fit into the colonial system very well, as they offered different colonial strengths.  This made different places in Colonial America excellent in specific goods and sold them for higher prices.  The negative thing about this is that they were only allowed to sell their goods to the United Kingdom, and therefore the prices were cheaper than if they were able to sell them to multiple countries who had more wealth.     As as I said in the introduction, I think the main reason that people went to Colonial America was because of the economic freedom.  I think so because, at the time when most people arrived in Colonial America, the situation in Great Britain was very bad compared to the Colonies.  Also, with the persuasion of getting 50 acres of land when buying a ticket to Virginia was a very good reason to move there, because you can make a lot of money by farming tobacco and/or cotton.  When there was no more land available near the water, they even moved inland, because they wanted to make more money, even though they knew that there were native Americans further inland.  They did not go inland to convert the Natives to their religion, they went inland to make money.  They even killed the Natives just so that they could make more money from the land they stole from them.  And even without considering religious freedom, the people from Great Britain would have taken their religion with them, even if they were Puritans, Roman Catholic or Christian Orthodox, they would have taken their beliefs with them, and built churches or places of worship in the Colonies.  There was a lot more space in the new land as well, and there were more unused resources and landscapes people could use to their advantage for industry and money making.    As a conclusion, I can say that the main reason for the immigration to the colonies was because of the economic freedom and opportunities they got.  When they bought a ticket to Virginia they got 50 acres of land for free, they had plentiful resources and could make a lot of money from plants such as tobacco and cotton.