In questions:1. What are the problems andIn questions:1. What are the problems and

In total, current
situation in e-Health of Kazakhstan can be described as a result of previous strategy
by the following statements: –        
on the centralization of information systems with low involvement of stakeholders and users;-        
significance of performance measurement information is higher than data for
clinical needs;-        
of architecture standards and integrity of different designed systems; –        
constrains and managerial competency.The proposed
research will study factors, which caused gaps in the original national
programs, including issues in adopting international standards and the local
context.Research aims,
objectives, and questionsThe aim of this research is to study the
process of e-Health in Kazakhstan, particularly search for ways to achieve
successful governance on macro level. The research aim will be achieved by
accomplishing the following objectives: 1.     To conduct literature review of existing work and methods
on governance of e-Health implementation;2.     To analyze e-Health strategy, architecture design,
infrastructure, legal aspects and management approach during the whole period
of e-Health implementation in Kazakhstan;3.     To identify main problems and assess preparedness
of further e-Health development based on standards and the analysis of current
situation with web-portals in health organizations;4.     To compare e-Health governance with experience of
other countries; 5.     To formulate recommendations and lessons learnt for
government on monitoring, evaluation and risk management of e-Health
implementation. Research questions:1.    
What are the problems and issues encountered during the implementation
of e-Health?2.    
Why did these problems occur?3.    
How can these problems be prevented?4.    
How can these
problems be addressed ?5.    
What can be learnt
from the experience of Kazakhstan and other countries for successful e-Health implementation?  Literature review  

Conducting deep
literature review will be practically valuable to study best practices of e-Health
implementation and lessons learnt from such developed countries as the United
Kingdom, Australia and Canada. One of the last systematic reviews indicated that
e-health technology, inner and outer settings, individual health workers,
implementation process are all important factors and should be considered
carefully during implementation into health systems (Ross, Stevenson, Lau and Murray, 2016).

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