In reality attracts customers in different fieldsIn reality attracts customers in different fields

In the last decade, marketers widely utilize virtual technology
in shopping  to attract consumers’
attention. The relationships between virtual technology and consumers are now
closely associated, as marketers develop diverse shopping strategies in virtual
environments which aim to enhance consumers’ shopping experiences. Virtual reality
attracts customers in different fields such as Games, Movies etc.3D virtual
environment gathers the several stores in one roof and customer can easily  traverse from one stores to another store. It
provides looks touch and feel experience of shopping that allows the customers
to have  in shopping experience online. And
it provides the solution that ,mirrors the real world shopping experience .It
combines both physical shopping and online shopping and provides 3D interactive
computer world  that can explore the
feeling and reality of in store shopping environment with both mentally and

Physical try-on of clothes will take more time in
retail shopping. But virtual reality provides try-on of several clothes before
the shopper can make decision on design, size and color of the apparel that
satis?es customer requirement. Virtual try-on helps to speed up the process as
the customer can see  clothes on their
body before actually wearing it. And it also provides the features of side-by-side
comparison of various clothes and outfits simultaneously from different angles.

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The virtual technology is also used in medical field .For
some medical operation by this method avoid the people fear and some
interference because by this technology the people imagine and feel they are
standing in somewhere places. Now VR technology is implemented for online
shopping. Nowadays online shopping mean people just  watch the product picture , quality, prize
it’s just like a information about the product only. People can’t check the
product by demo and spend more time for searching the product is available in
which road side (area). Due to this we are decided to create application for
online shopping by this VR technology it’s useful to people efficiently it can
be easily find out which product people needed and product are available in
which area by virtually. We use
Kinect, which enables voice chat or video chat with other Xbox 360 users. The
application can use Kinect’s tracking
functionality and Kinect sensor’s
motorized pivot to keep users in frame even as they move around.