In Service Company. The company didn’t prosperIn Service Company. The company didn’t prosper

the Philippines, advertising was introduced in 20th century during
those times the advertiser/s was independently working without the facilities
not unlike in the advertising agencies today. In 1920s, some of the people
thought that the unavailability of competition in the Philippine business,
agricultural status and its strong relationship to the United States is the
reason behind the ineffectiveness of advertising in the Philippines. The rise
of group of one-man advertising like Manuel Buenaventura, Frank J. Herrier, Hal
Stone, Clifford Butler, Mason Ancker and Frank Minton (Lent, 1969). But the
career of Frank Herrier is the most impressive. As an advertiser and salesman,
he already created a lot of big and successful advertising campaign (Salazar,
1964). Before, the largest advertising company was the Pacific Commercial Company
it is considered as the country largest import house owned by Major F. H.
Stevens. Frank J. Herrier were assigned into the publicity department and
Federico Calero and Ramon Zamora were tasked to transcribe ads into Spanish.
While Jose Esperanza Cruz in charge of creating Tagalog advertisement. Herrier
resigned after the conflict in the company and worked in advertising management
of Roces TVT newspaper. Herrier had a talked with F. Theo Rogers who is the
Philippine Free Press business manager and North Jenkins who is the Manila
Times advertising manager about establishing a clearing house for advertisement
that was introduced by American advertising agency which is the Philippine
Agency Service Company. The company didn’t prosper and Roger and Jenkins pursue
their other interests because of that Herrier used the agency as a medium in
promoting the TVT newspaper. In the 20s, newspapers managed most of the
advertising services. Growth in advertising agency happened in the early 30s as
a result of offering new services incorporate with accounting and art
departments. Apparently, Advertising Bureau supervise by Florentino Cruz is the
first and was followed by Philippine Advertising Corporation, Ros Chanco
Advertising Studio and more. Because of this, Advertising industry start to