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In the first chapter, the novel introduces the main protagonist Katniss Everdeen and describes the environment she lives in. Katniss, who is 16 years-old, also mentions that she has a younger sister named Primrose and a close friend she often hangs out with named Gale. Katniss and Gale often go to countless hunting sessions together in the forest which allowed her to gain hunting experience and archery skills. She built a very strong relationship with Gale and trusts him wholeheartedly. Although, Katniss states that there has never been anything romantic between the pair. Before Gale, she used to hunt with her father when she was younger. Unfortunately, her father died due to an explosion when she was 11 years old. The novel is situated in the fictional nation called Panem. Panem, previously known as North America, consists of the Capitol and is surrounded by 12 Districts. The Capitol is a utopian city where the nation’s most dominant and affluent people live. In addition, it is also very advanced in terms of technology and is well known for their eccentric fashion. Katniss, however, does not live in the Capitol but rather instead lives in one of the poorest district of them all, District 12. Unlike the Capitol, District 12 is a dystopian city. The district is primarily recognized for its coal mining and black market which is referred to as the Hob. Katniss lives in the Seam which lies on the border of District 12 and is adjacent to a restricted wild forest. Katniss and her family, which consists of her younger sister and mother, struggle to feed themselves occasionally due to having little to no financial support. In fact, many families who reside in District 12, live in poverty. The reaping is the process of choosing one male and female, called tributes, to participate in The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is held at a massive outdoor arena where 24 tributes (2 from each District) are imprisoned in for over a period of several weeks and the competitors have to fight to death. The winner is determined when there is one last tribute standing. In other words, a game of survival. The surviving tribute receives a “…life of ease back home” (Collins, 22) and an abundance of food and delicacies like sugar for their district.Katniss and all the teenager’s age ranging 13 to 18 prepare for this year’s reaping. Her family members all dress up nicely and are silently hoping that they would return home safely from the terrifying event that may or may not impact their lives. Attendance is mandatory or otherwise, you will face imprisonment. The Everdeen family arrive at the square where the reaping is hosted and join the rest of the citizens of District 12. On the stage, Madge’s father (Mayor Undersee) and Effie Trinket (District 12’s escort) are present. For this year’s candidates, Prim was chosen as a tribute at her first ever reaping. Katniss loves her sister and promised to protect her in every way possible which is why she volunteers herself as a tribute and takes her place instead. Katniss discovers that the other male tribute is Peeta Mellark. She isn’t pleased with the news and wonders why him? Before she departs, her family, Peeta’s father, Madge and Gale say farewell to Katniss. She is given a cookie from Peeta’s Father and a mockingjay pin from Madge. She was asked to wear the mockingjay pin in the arena upon Madge’s request. Gale and Peeta’s father promise to prevent her family from starving while she is gone. Katniss and Peeta meet Haymitch, their coach. He is the only surviving winner of The Hunger Games from District 12. They notice that he is an alcoholic who is constantly drunk. Peeta and Katniss have had enough of Haymitch’s inadequate habits and prove to him that they are worthy and capable fighters. He agrees to guide them under one condition, they don’t interfere with his drinking. As Peeta and Katniss arrive at the Capitol, the environment is unusual to what they generally see on a daily basis. She notices Peeta waving at the crowd who gathered to see this year’s District 12 tributes. Peeta waves at the crowd because he believes a few people are rich. Katniss takes his actions as a threat as he may possibly be planning a way to survive the Games.Cinna is introduced in the fifth chapter and he is a stylist for the Hunger Games. He desired to help style District 12’s tributes. Cinna suggests that the pair should wear an outfit that reflects the significance of their District which would be the coal mines. Katniss’s dress lit up by synthetic flames to demonstrate the purpose and role of coal which is to burn. They were the most memorable tributes of the night.Katniss and Peeta stay at the Training Center. All 24 tributes remain in the Training Center until the Hunger Games begin. While she is at the training center she recognizes a red-headed girl, a girl whose name she did not know. The red-headed girl is an Avox, a person who has been punished due to rebelling against the Capitol. Avoxes get their tongue cut out therefore making them mute. The red-headed girl brought a series of bad memories due to Katniss witnessing her being captured while she was hunting with Gale. After the 3 days of training, they have to perform their skills in front of the gamekeepers. Peeta already knew Katniss had outstanding hunting skills whereas Peeta believes he has no chance. During training, Katniss notices the other tributes health conditions and their capabilities.The pair were advised by Haymitch to constantly be seen together. While Peeta and Katniss were discussing, they noticed a little girl named Rue from District 11 was watching.